Foodtastic Weekend

Since I failed to take any photos of people this weekend, I wanted to begin this post with an image that was captured last week. Brett and I hosted a couple’s dinner Wednesday night, and that evening we enjoyed grilled lamb,  and sides of roasted asparagus and Caesar salad. Continue reading


Workout Box – TRX Training

As you guys know I’m all about switching up my workouts in the gym as much as possible since it continues to keep my body guessing. Group exercise classes (especially Step and Circuit Training) and swimming seem to be my go-to workouts lately, but today I decided to head to the TRX Suspension Trainer. If you are a long time MCT reader, you may remember me posting about past TRX workouts here and here. Continue reading

Chicken Salad over Spinach and Broccoli Slaw

When lunchtime rolls around and there are no leftovers to be found in the fridge, I almost always throw together some sort of salad with staple ingredients that I keep stocked in our household. I absolutely love that salads are fresh and healthy, and I always try my best to keep them different and interesting. Continue reading

My Mom’s Wedding Dress

I can recall as a young girl always dreaming of my wedding day. Since I only had one older brother I was often forced to play “pretend” by myself, but since my imagination was so broad I had no trouble entertaining myself. I can remember transforming a plain, white bed linen into an elegant, tulle wedding gown with a train as long as our hallway. Yes, wedding make-believe definitely captivated me for hours during my younger years. Continue reading