Our Honeymoon in St. Lucia – Day 4

Good evening guys and welcome to Day 4 of our honeymoon!

Catching up? Check out Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 in the links provided.

Day 4

Day 4 of our honeymoon was definitely all about relaxation. Since we had no set plans that day until after lunch we were finally able to sleep in. Once we rolled out of bed and got dressed , we headed downstairs to enjoy breakfast at The Pavilion (no pictures unfortunately).

After our stomach’s were filled, we found a few lounge chairs near the pool and just chilled for a few hours.




We tried our best to stay hydrated during the day by drinking lots of water.


Later that day we had an appointment for a couple’s massage under a gazebo located right near the beach. Since the masseuse encouraged us to book our appointment earlier in the trip so that we wouldn’t walk into our appointment with a sunburn, we decided to enjoy that morning/early afternoon under protective umbrellas.

We also spent the hour before our appointment indoors shooting a few rounds of pool.



Our massage lasted about an hour, and it was absolutely heavenly. Brett and I both admitted to each other afterwards that we nearly fell asleep due to the combination of the waves crashing, wind blowing, and muscle relaxation. After the massage, we were brought complimentary champagne, and it was then that Brett and I discussed treating ourselves to at least one or two massages a year. And sorry guys, no pictures of our spa experience either. I guess I was trying to live in the moment.

After we left the spa, we decided to hang out by the Jacuzzi before showering for dinner that night.



If you plan on taking a Sandals trip soon, I would advise you to either make dining reservations before your trip or as soon you get to the resort. Since we were only allowed to make dinner reservations from 8 am – 12 pm, I wasn’t able make any reservations until the second day of our honeymoon. I luckily scored us reservations for two restaurants at our resort, but I was terribly upset that there was no availability at Gordon’s, which was a restaurant at The Grand St. Lucia. One of my coworkers urged me for months not to miss out on the restaurant, so you could about imagine my sadness when I learned that the earliest opening was Saturday evening… which was our departure date.


That evening we dined at Kimonos, which served oriental cuisine. Once all the couples arrived that were on our same reservation time we were seated around a Habachi grill.


Brett and I shared a bottle of Saki as our drink of choice.


I started with the Kimono salad, which was greens served with a ginger dressing. It was very refreshing.


And Brett started with the soup of the day.


Our chef began cooking our entrees while we finished off our starters.


Then our appetizer was brought out shortly afterwards. Brett and I shared the Harumaki Spring Roll which contained Japanese Peking duck. This was my favorite dish of the night.


For my main entree I chose the Beef Teppanyaki which was paired with fried rice. Unfortunately the fried rice was nothing compared to the Hibachi style rice we are accustomed to in the states. To be honest, I feel like I could have whipped up something tastier in my own kitchen. As for the beef that was not photographed, it too was only ok. This meal was unfortunately probably our worst meal of the entire trip, and since the restaurant did require reservations we were a bit let down.


For dessert we shared the Mandarin Cheesecake. I wish I would have ordered the Chocolate Green Tea Cake for myself since the cheesecake below reminded me of flan. And flan my friends is definitely not my favorite.


Even though our dinner wasn’t entirely great, our tummies were still stuffed. We agreed to find a drink at the total opposite end of the resort so that we could walk off a bit of the calories we had just consumed.


We decided to each order a drink that wasn’t too heavy, so a long island iced tea seemed to be the perfect selection. This is usually my Dad’s preferred drink of choice, so I made sure to ask the bartender to snap a photo of Brett and I with our delicious drinks.


Only two more days to recap, then I’ll be back to my normal blog posting schedule.

Stay tuned for Day 5!


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