Our Honeymoon in St. Lucia – Day 2

To see last week’s recap of our arrival to St. Lucia, click here.

Day 2

After waking up on the second day of our honeymoon, I decided to order room service for breakfast. I wasn’t sure if and when we were going to be able to eat lunch, so Brett and I decided to share an omelet before heading off on our adventure.


After cleaning off our plate, we headed to the lobby in order to catch a shuttle that would bring us to our first excursion. That day we enjoyed a horse back riding tour.


We rode our horses for about two miles until we reached the beautiful beach that you see in the above picture.


Here is Brett with his horse Big Man.


And there I am with my horse Stompy.


After we got off our horses, we were greeted by a few locals that were selling souvenirs and refreshments. The guy above convinced Brett and I to purchase the wooden turtle that he is holding. He carved both of our names and St. Lucia 2015 onto the turtle as well.


How cute is this dog? He surely had it made since the temperature and breezes were just right.


Brett and I each purchased a bottle of the local Piton beer to enjoy while we waited to take our horses for a dip into the water.


Check us out below, right before we entered the ocean!


Here we go…


This was truly an experience of a lifetime. I was really impressed how well the horses did in the water.



We strolled and swam with them for about 5-10 minutes.





Awe, do we really have to quit already?


Loving on my new husband, and embracing our honeymoon below.



We love you St. Lucia!

After each couple was able to ride their horses in the water, we trotted the two miles back to our shuttle which took us back to the resort.


Brett and I also noticed a few familiar home improvement stores during the ride back.


When we returned to the resort, we grabbed a drink then laid by the pool for about an hour.


Once we returned to our room we found our bed decorated and also noticed a chilled bottle of champagne.


Brett popped it open so that we could enjoy a glass or two while we got ready for dinner.


That night we dined at The Cricketers Pub.



We started with a leek and potato soup, garlic mushrooms, and chicken wings.




We enjoyed all of them, but our favorite starter was definitely the chicken wings. We had actually met a couple the night before who urged us to get them if we ended up dining at the pub during our stay.


For our main dishes Brett chose the Baby Back Ribs while I selected the Steak N’ Ale Pie. Brett was really impressed with his dish, but I cannot say the same for mine. It was only ok, but that might be because I was comparing my dish to the amazing Sea Bass I had the night before.


For dessert, we chose the Irish Bailey’s Cheesecake. Again, it was nothing to write home about, but we definitely cleared the plate.


After dinner, we stopped by a nearby bar for another drink before strolling around the resort for a bit. While we were at the bar, the bartender persuaded Brett to try a shot of their spiced rum. Brett isn’t a rum drinker, but he did report that it had some kick.


Once 9 pm rolled around, we made our way to the Piano Bar. As you may have guessed, this quickly became our late night hang-out for the extent of the trip. The bar was really fun since guest were allowed to sing with the piano player, and the head bartender, Lucas, quickly became Brett and I’s best friend.


We stayed at the bar for about an hour or two, then decided to head back to our room since we had another early excursion the next day.

On the way back to our room we couldn’t help but notice all the beautiful blossoms around the resort. So we decided to pick a few flowers to make the arrangement below.


 Stay tuned for Day 3!


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