Our Honeymoon in St. Lucia – Day 1

It’s been nearly two months since Brett and I returned from our Honeymoon, and unfortunately it’s taken me that long to finally sit down and organize the pictures as well as my thoughts on our amazing get-away to St. Lucia! So tonight I will blog about our arrival, and hopefully within the next week or two I will have documented our entire trip.

Welcome to our happily every after…

The day after our wedding was mostly spent reminiscing our very magical ceremony and reception, but we also spent the majority of that day packing as well. Then later that afternoon we headed to Kenner, LA to spend the night at my friend Amy’s house since she lives literally five minutes away from the New Orleans airport. Our flight left at 6 am the next day, so we were more than appreciative to her and Matt for their hospitality.

Our first flight took us to Miami, FL, which took about two hours. Then we boarded the next flight which took an additional three and half hours to St. Lucia.


Once we landed in St. Lucia we were placed on a shuttle, and within the next hour we finally arrived to our destination at Sandals Regency La Toc. We were immediately seated and handed complimentary champagne, then given a formal welcome and brief overview of the resort.



We then hopped into another shuttle and were brought to our room. For the duration of our trip we stayed in the Piton Oceanview room which included a private sundeck. As you can see, the views were absolutely stunning. I knew as soon as we arrived to our room that it would be extremely hard to return to reality at the end of the week.



After we dropped off our luggage, we were more than eager to explore the resort. We stopped by the first bar we spotted and each ordered a drink. For those of you who may not be aware, Sandals is an all-inclusive resort which meant that all food and beverages were included in our package.


Before we got carried away, I asked Brett if we could visit the spa in order to schedule an appointment for a couple’s massage and check-in with the tour desk since we had our first excursion the following morning.

After the appointment and excursion were confirmed, we found a few lounge chairs near the really neat fire place below. We ordered ourselves another drink and just simply relaxed.

As you would expect, this was very, very hard for us since we are constantly working on a project at the house and tend to keep our normal lifestyle both active and busy. As hard as it was, we embraced the moment and it was truly lovely.



Brett and his first Pina Colada!


And of course I found wine in St. Lucia!

After we relaxed for about a half hour or so, we decided that we should probably seek a dinner option. Brett suggested that we dine at The Pitons Restaurant, since it was the first restaurant we spotted at the resort and didn’t require reservations.


To be honest, this meal was my favorite of the entire trip. We actually tried to return the last night, but they were closed due to a wedding reception. You can’t even imagine how bummed this made me.

The views were breathtaking, and I absolutely loved eating alfresco.


And of course Brett and I noticed all of the details in decor and ambiance.


We ordered two appetizers to share. I picked the Chicken and Callaloo Soup while Brett chose the West Indian Style Curried Jumbo Crab Cake.


We loved both starters, but we were really intrigued by the soup. Brett described it as a fancy chicken noodle soup, and I totally agreed with him.


For our main dishes, Brett opted for the Surf and Turf while I selected the Fish du Jour, which was Sea Bass.


Brett liked his dish, but stated that he preferred the way he prepared his steak at home. And like I said earlier in this post, this was my absolute favorite dish of the entire trip. It definitely set the standard high, and I was excited that the food throughout the entire trip would be similar. And while some other meals were really great, this one got the biggest gold star in my book.



As you can guess, I polished my plate off with no problem. And of course we had room for dessert…we were on vacation! Brett insisted that we try out the Carrot Cake, and I’m so glad that he suggested it. Carrot Cake isn’t a dessert that I often desire, but the cream cheese filling in this one totally knocked me off my feet. And yes, they garnished the dessert with a piece of bacon. I think I’m drooling again.


After our stomachs were nice and full, we decided to go up to our room to freshen up a bit. Then later we decided to check out the piano bar that was located right near The Piton Restaurant.


Brett sang “Hey Jude” that night as well as a few other songs. We chatted a bit with a few guest, then ultimately decided to call it a night since we had to wake up a bit early for our excursion the next day.


Woo hoo, we are finally married you guys!

Stay tuned for Day 2!


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