Foodtastic Weekend

Since I failed to take any photos of people this weekend, I wanted to begin this post with an image that was captured last week. Brett and I hosted a couple’s dinner Wednesday night, and that evening we enjoyed grilled lamb,  and sides of roasted asparagus and Caesar salad.

I’ve only eaten lamb a handful of times in my life, so to be honest, I wasn’t very excited about this meal. Having said that, I have to admit that Brett definitely outdid himself once again. I think the whole gang would agree with me when I say that the lamb was absolutely wonderful. Good job B!

IMG_5006This Weekend

Once I made it home from work on Friday, I quickly cleaned the inside and outside of my car then jumped into the shower to get ready for a dinner date. That night Brett and I joined Rodney and Morgan (The couple towards the bottom of the picture above) at De Gaulle Sqaure Bistro and Bar.

IMG_5037I started the night with my favorite summertime cocktail, a Moscow Mule. This drink is both refreshing and surprisingly easy to make. Just combine equal amounts of ginger beer and vodka then stir in the juice of a lime wedge.

Morgan and I were quick to notice that the restaurant was participating in the Eat Lafayette Summer Special Menu. The special included a three course dinner for $30. Since this allowed us to try three different menu options, we were both sold immediately.

IMG_5036We also ordered Portobello Fries and Tasso Spring Rolls as an appetizer. The dipping sauce for the spring rolls definitely caught our attention, and we all tried to guess what was in the concoction so that we could try to replicate it at home.

IMG_5035For my first course I enjoyed a small apple salad which was made up of greens, apples, pecans, maytag blue cheese and a smokey bacon dressing. It was the perfect sweet and salty combination, and I especially enjoyed the dressing.

IMG_5034Next up was the main course. I opted for the chicken while Morgan chose the sauteed shrimp pasta. Our meat of choice was served over arugula pasta, herbsaint cream sauce, charred tomatoes and shaved pecorino cheese. Although I really enjoyed the pasta and sauce, I wish I would have chosen the shrimp over the chicken. Since Morgan gave me a taste of her shrimp, I quickly realized that it was so much better than the dry chicken that laid on my own plate.

IMG_5032Below you will see that Brett ordered the Sea Scallops. Although they were pretty tasty, they weren’t the best we’ve ever had. We’re very hard critics when it comes to food…especially scallops.

IMG_5033Then I ended my three course meal with a chocolate bread pudding…with Brett’s help of course. I really wasn’t expecting to like this dessert so much since I’m not a huge fan of chocolate, but it was surprisingly finger-licking delicious.

IMG_5031So, as you can see, there were both high and lows to the quality of our meal. But overall, our dining experience was very much enjoyable since the restaurant was cozy, sophisticated and the service was well above par. We also had a superb time catching up with Rodney and Morgan. Thank you guys so much for joining us!

The next day Brett and I hopped around town a bit since we both needed to run a few errands. We cashed in a few gift cards that we received for our wedding at Dillard’s in exchange for a new set of bath towels for our master bathroom. While we were at the mall, I also decided to pop into American Eagle to purchase a few new sleep shorts. I recently had to toss a few of my older sleep shorts since they were literally ripping at the seams. We then made a super quick trip to Lowe’s then grabbed a snow ball before finally making our way back home.

Later that evening our friends Cade and Kortney made it into town, and we all headed to Ruffino’s on the River for dinner. Yes, this weekend was definitely foodtastic!

We shared the special appetizer that night which included a small sampling of four regular menu appetizers. Starting from the top and going clockwise you will see a Crabmeat Cheesecake, Braised Pork Cheeks, Seafood Arancine and BBQ Shrimp. All four pieces were truly tasty, but the Seafood Arancine and Crabmeat Cheesecake stole the show for me. I think I just drooled a bit as I typed that.

IMG_5030Then for my main course I selected the Prime Ribeye Cap which was paired with Mushroom Bread Pudding and green beans. Brett’s selection that night was the Fish Katie. Both entrees were phenomenal, but if I had to choose a winner I would have to go with the Fish Katie. I’ve actually had the Fish Katie the first time I dined at Ruffino’s in Baton Rouge, and it’s still just as wonderful as it was all those years ago.

IMG_5029That night we were seated in the bar which was a really neat experience since the restaurant attracts such a large crowd on a Saturday night. The atmosphere was electric, and I definitely felt young and alive as I caught up with such very good friends.  If loud and vibrant are not your thing, I’d definitely call a day in advance to book a table in the regular dining area. Either way, Ruffino’s on the River will not disappoint.

This was Brett and I’s second time dining at Ruffino’s on the River. You can check out my first review of the restaurant here.

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