Workout Box – TRX Training

As you guys know I’m all about switching up my workouts in the gym as much as possible since it continues to keep my body guessing. Group exercise classes (especially Step and Circuit Training) and swimming seem to be my go-to workouts lately, but today I decided to head to the TRX Suspension Trainer. If you are a long time MCT reader, you may remember me posting about past TRX workouts here and here.

My decision to complete a TRX Suspension Workout today was actually influenced by an email that I received in my inbox last week from a representative at Workout Box. Within the email was a link which led to the ultimate guide of their TRX exercises. After browsing the many exercises, I decided to put together the workout below.

TRX Suspension Trainer Workout

Warm- up: 10 minutes on Stair Master

3 sets of 10-12 reps
Overhead Squat
Chest Fly (Offset Stance)
Crossing Balance Lunge
Tricep Extension
Bicep Clutch
High Row
TRX Crunch on Hands

Cool-down: Slow walk back to my car.

Whew, I cannot stress the awesomeness of this type of workout. I’ve only been home from the gym for about two and half hours and I’m already experiencing a bit of soreness. is a leading source of workout plans and videos. They also offer customized workout plans from some of the most respected personal trainers. I’d highly recommend you to check out this website especially if you have trouble brainstorming your own workout plans day-to-day.

Once I made it home, I prepared and cooked dinner right away. This past Friday Brett and I received our new pots and pans. Check them out below.

NewPotsandPansWe actually had to exchange them twice due to dented lids, but Bed, Bath and Beyond was beyond cooperative and we are extremely happy with our purchase. Thanks to some of our wedding guest for the gift cards and monetary gifts which we used to purchase the cookware.

And before I say goodnight, I wanted to share this week’s meal and workout plan.

Meal and Workout Plan

Meal Plan

Monday – Hamburger Steak w/ grilled asparagus
Tuesday – Brett to cooked lamb on the grill.
Wednesday – BBQ Chicken Pizza
Thursday – Omelet filled with bacon, cheese, spinach, onions and mushrooms.
Friday – Out for dinner

Workout Plan

Monday – TRX Workout (seen above)
Tuesday – Circuit Training
Wednesday – Swimming Laps
Thursday – Body Pump
Friday – Swimming Laps


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