My Mom’s Wedding Dress

I can recall as a young girl always dreaming of my wedding day. Since I only had one older brother I was often forced to play “pretend” by myself, but since my imagination was so broad I had no trouble entertaining myself. I can remember transforming a plain, white bed linen into an elegant, tulle wedding gown with a train as long as our hallway. Yes, wedding make-believe definitely captivated me for hours during my younger years.

imageSo, it should come as no surprise to any of you that I absolutely adored my own mother’s wedding dress too. Before I even began shopping for my own wedding gown, I tried on my mother’s dress for fun. Since I knew I wouldn’t be walking down the aisle in my mother’s dress, I decided to surprise her with an image of me in her vintage gown instead.

AA4U4630When I had visited my parent’s back in January my Dad was able to sneak my Mom’s dress out of the attic and into the trunk of my car. I was so worried that my Mom would notice that her wedding dress was gone for five months, but she never suspected a thing.



On the night of our rehearsal dinner, I presented to her a gift which contained the image below.


At first she was confused, but then she quickly realized that I was in fact wearing her dress. She was fascinated that the dress still looked so elegant after all those years. She also mentioned that it would have been lovely to see me wear it for my wedding day, but that this keepsake was something that she would treasure in her heart for the rest of her life.

Mom, thank you so much for being right by my side as I did say “yes to my dress”. If I do have a daughter, I hope that she can admire my dress the same way I swooned over yours so few years ago.


3 thoughts on “My Mom’s Wedding Dress


    Thank you for sharing that with me. You are a very blessed young lady. May your days be blessed and forever lasting.



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