Headboard and Bed Frame – DIY

Good evening everyone!

I am so thrilled to tell you that tonight we will FINALLY reveal our headboard and bed frame DIY project. I’m so sorry that it took so long for us to create this post, but life has been a bit busy for the both of us. So, without wasting anymore time, I’d like to turn this post over to Brett so that he can share our very first DIY post of 2015!

Headboard and Bed Frame

Hey guys, it’s Brett. Tonight I’ll share with you my DIY headboard and bed frame that I built for Celina and I’s master bedroom. I had not taken on a project that I thought would demand a high level of accuracy and precision, but I was confident I could get the job done. I looked around the web for ideas and templates on this project, but ultimately, I could not find the exact “look” I was going for. So, I “winged” it. I spent almost two hours staring at the stack of poplar wood planks, attempting to build the bed inside my head before making any cuts…I struggled. So, I told myself, “You have to start somewhere.” To begin, I decided to take measurements of the mattress and square up a framing for it.

IMG_3619I allowed for a little “wiggle room” by adding a total of one inch excess to my cuts on both the length and width of the frame. In theory, this would give me approx. 1/2″ gap between the mattress and frame on each edge. I did not hassle myself with 45 degree cuts because I knew that I would later cap the edges with smaller planks of wood.

IMG_3621Next, I cut six poplar planks the same size as the width of the bed frame. I then used my Craig Pocket Jig to cinch the planks flush with one another. This took some time and patience. With the aid of the Craig Pocket Jig, the task was simple, and the end result was flawless.

IMG_3623I tied the joined panels into vertical planks that also served as footing for the head of the bed. I reinforced the midpoint with an additional plank that would be out-of-sight. I also installed “doubled-up” planks for footing at the foot of the bed.

IMG_3625I highly recommend the Craig Pocket Jig!

IMG_3626I duplicated the process used for the headboard in order to build the footboard. Because the footboard and its corners would be visible, I did take the time to cut 45 degree angles into the planks used to cap the corners. This gave the piece a “high-end,” professional look.

IMG_3622After combining the framing, the headboard, and footboard, I installed runners to the inside of the frame at its lowest point and secured them with wood screws. The brad nailer was used to “tack” the planks up so that I could secure them with wood screws. This provided the platform for the slats that would support box spring and mattress (keeping it from falling to the floor).

IMG_3386My brother showed up at the house and helped me lay the slats to support the box spring and mattress. I also measured and cut additional planks to install to the headboard and footboard to provide the piece with a more decorative look. Finally, I capped the headboard and foot board with a flat lying plank.

IMG_3629Whew! Now, all the hard work was done! The “finishing” step is always my favorite part of the process. This poplar wood begged for a dark stain. I used MinWax’s Dark Walnut to stain the entire project. I then removed the headboard from the frame to apply a semi-gloss polyurethane finish to all parts.

IMG_3630After applying three coats of polyurethane and allowing the parts to dry, I reassembled the bed near its final destination.

IMG_3491Celina helped me moved the box spring and mattress into place, and made-up the bed with linens she had chosen.

IMG_4789And that’s it! Project complete!

At first, I was intimidated to take on this project. I was faced with building a massive piece of furniture out of planks of wood. But, I did what any great builder would have done. I stepped back, and decided to start with something basic. This entire project spawned from simply making a square box out of four planks. From there, I took off! This may not seem like a “beginner’s project,” but with the right tools, a little common sense, and a touch of imagination, anyone can build this. In fact, while strolling though the process, I thought back on the bird houses and jewelry boxes I made as a child in school and Boy Scouts. It was not so different.

So, get motivated! Go buy a bundle of wood planks, get the saws going, and throw one of these together! We saved an enormous amount of money, the piece is well-made, and I have “bragging rights” every time we show the piece off to our visitors.


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