Our Wedding Save the Date

The best tip that I can give future brides before they even begin to plan their wedding is to set a reasonable budget. Before I even brainstormed a budget I also had to figure out what certain elements I absolutely had to have as part of our ceremony and reception. The more important details like my dress, food, photography and band were given a larger portion of the budget whereas the not so important extras like programs, aisle runners and Save the Dates were left off completely.

Although I did not include sending a Save the Date to our potential guest within my budget, I was still able to alert everyone due to modern technology and a few Photoshop skills.

The project was pretty simple and basic. First Brett and I chose one of our favorite images from our engagement photo-shoot. I then added a few text layers in Photoshop and saved as a new file. The only tedious task of the whole process was gathering email addresses, but this was simple since I was able to gather that information at the same time I accumulated mailing addresses for formal invites.

Once I had collected all of the email addresses I then sent the email below to all our intended guest with the picture above as an attachment.


Initially I was very nervous as to what our guest would think of our virtual Save the Date, but in the end the response was incredible.

If you are trying to cut a few corners for your own wedding, I would highly recommend blasting your Save the Date via email! The project cost me nothing, it provided my family and friends with all of the information they needed prior to our wedding, and most importantly it was eco-friendly.


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