My Wedding Shower

Hey Guys!

Well, we are officially less than two weeks away from our wedding day, and I can finally say that I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. I still have a few task left to complete before the big day, but I’m definitely getting really excited and cannot wait to finally marry my best friend.

And speaking of friends, weekend before last my bridesmaids along with my wonderful Mother surprised me with a Bridal Shower. I actually headed to Raceland, LA last Saturday thinking that I was attending my bridesmaid, Tara’s Baby Shower, but when I walked through the door of Chez Felicite’, I was surprised to see so many of my female friends and family.

It was a beautiful day, and I sincerely thank everyone who helped with the planning as well as those that showered me with gifts that afternoon.

Another special thanks goes out to my Matron of Honor’s sister-in-law Courtney who documented the entire afternoon for me. Enjoy the pictures captured by her below.

DSC_0642DSC_0648RecipesShower SupriseShower1DSC_0691My future Mother-in-Law greeting me as I walked through the door. DSC_0693Me greeting my friend Tara!MeandAI love these shots of me saying “Hi” to my sweet little flower girl!

DSC_0707My Aunt Laura and I chit-chatting. DSC_0711Huge thanks to my wonderful Matron of Honor for throwing such a beautiful shower. DSC_0710FoodDSC_0751DSC_0625My cousin Hope made these beautiful cake pops. Not only do they look amazing, but they are also very tasty as well!
DSC_0635DSC_0628We played a true and false “Getting to Know the Bride and Groom” game.

DSC_0762DSC_0761DSC_0771My Mom laughing at Mrs. Tessie since she guessed her question incorrectly.
Love this shot of them.
DSC_0669Then I opened gifts!

DSC_0780EngagementRingGameAva collected the most engagement rings since she kept catching the guest saying the word “wedding”. Go Ava!JengaGameIMG_3979My childhood dancing teacher and I. It was so great catching up with you Mrs. T!

IMG_3989Me and my very good friend Hope!

DSC_0733My bridal party!

Thanks again to everyone who attended! It was so great to visit with all of you, and I appreciate your well wishes for my future with Brett!


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