6 Year Anniversary

Happy Friday guys!

As I reported last week, I will not be publishing as many post in the weeks to come since our wedding day is right around the corner. Since I want to enjoy the next couple of weeks, I’d like to do so with as less stress as possible. Overall, I’m happy with all of the decisions I’ve we’ve made so far, but I know that not everything will go as planned…because let’s face it – that’s life. I’m just hoping that I can take everything like a grain of salt so that I can truly focus on what really matters most that day, which is finally becoming Brett’s wife! Woo hoo!

Having said all that, I wanted to share with you guys last weekend’s unexpected date night with Brett, Ryan and Angie. That night Ryan and Angie asked Brett and I to join them for dinner at Ruth’s Chris. Since Brett and I are steak lovers, we were totally game. The food was not only amazing, but we were also able to share a delightful evening with fantastic friends.

IMG_3775IMG_3784IMG_3778IMG_3785It was also sort of a pre-celebration of Brett and I’s 6 year Anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend. Today also makes a year that Brett and I have been engaged since he proposed to me on our anniversary last year. To read about our love story, click here, and to read more about Brett’s proposal, click here.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!


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