Five Things Friday

Burrrrr! Winter definitely showed up both yesterday and today in South Louisiana. But what really blows my mind is that I wore a sleeveless, knee length dress to work on Wednesday.  Just two days ago the high was 79° and it honestly felt like a summer day.  Louisiana is definitely known for these crazy fluctuations in weather, but all I know is that I’m so over the cold. This summer girl is beyond ready for water activities and to see a little glow on my skin. The good news is that we spring forward this coming Sunday, and I cannot tell you how excited I am for longer days.

So, enough about the weather, let’s move right along to today’s post.  I wanted to quickly share with you guys five things that happened over the course of this past week. We can call today’s post Five Things Friday!

1.) Brett prepared baked chicken with a teriyaki glaze sauce for dinner on Monday night. He also served the meal with carrots and mushrooms. Everything was very tasty, and I was so proud of him for preparing a meal that didn’t include super, heavy carbs. I think I may be rubbing off on him a bit.

Chicken and Veggies
2.) Yesterday’s dinner was a bit of a change up since it was my first time ever cooking Pesto Chicken. I used this recipe that I found on Pinterest as inspiration.  I made two tiny alterations to the recipe by adding tomatoes on top of the chicken and using fresh mozzarella. I served this meal with a medley of squashes which I tossed in olive oil, Italian seasoning, salt, pepper and the remaining pesto (about a teaspoon). This meal was both healthy and full of flavor, and I even got a “It’s good bae” from Brett.

Pesto Chicken
3.) On an unhealthier note, I got my order of Girl Scout cookies in yesterday. I know, shame on me! I just couldn’t resist helping out one of my co-worker’s sweet little girl, Mary Grace. I’m hoping to limit myself to only one serving size a day. The Savannah Smiles cookies are my absolute favorite. Which one do you love most?

Girl Scout Cookies
4.) Since I do not eat meat on Friday’s during Lent, I decided to blend one of my freezer prepped smoothies today for lunch. The first time I tried to mix one of the prepped bags, I had a difficult time blending the ingredients. So I’d highly suggest that you transfer your prepped smoothie bag into the refrigerator a few hours before mixing in order to allow the ingredients to thaw out a bit. My smoothie was fantastic, but what was even more pleasant was that it was ready within minutes due to prepping ahead of time.

5.) And lastly, I wanted to share with you guys the new updates to our pantry/laundry room. Two weeks ago my parents visited so that my Dad and Brett could paint this room. And since Brett was able to paint the inside of the entrance door yesterday, I wanted to finally share the updates with you guys.



So much better, right?

Brett also decided to add lights underneath the cabinets.

This added touch definitely adds a bit of class to this room. Now all that is missing in the room is a brand new washer and dryer. Thanks again to my Dad and Brett for the fantastic work!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. As for Brett and I, we finally have a weekend alone together. We love our friends and family very much, but I’m so looking forward to a weekend that involves just the two of us. We have a very hot date planned for tonight that will involve stuffing our wedding invitations. Then tomorrow we’re heading to Sunset, LA to do a bit of flea market shopping. Stay warm guys!


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