Meal and Workout Plan – Week 5

Well guys, as you know last week I got a bit off track, so I am determined to make the absolute best out of the week to come.  I foresee many sweat sessions as well as nutritious, well-balanced meals on the table. Before I share with all of you my meal and workout plan for the week, I’d like to share a few exciting happenings that occurred over the weekend.

First things first…I OFFICIALLY have my wedding gown! YAY! I drove to New Orleans Saturday afternoon for my final fitting, and since my dress fit perfectly and looked great I was finally able to bring it home with me.

One of my bridesmaids, Grace, also tagged along with me so that she could learn how to bustle my dress. And since my fitting only took roughly 10 minutes, Grace invited me to grab a coffee and donut with her before I left the city. She brought me to District: Donuts. Sliders. Brew.

I ordered a cinnamon sugar donut along with a drip coffee. It was the perfect afternoon treat.

After departing ways with Grace I headed to Brett’s hometown of Morgan City in order to meet up with Brett’s Uncle Chris. We decided to meet so that we could brainstorm décor ideas for both our upcoming rehearsal dinner and wedding reception. He also took me to Latin Corner, a local Cuban restaurant, that night for dinner.

I started with a glass of wine.

We then both enjoyed a cup of seafood gumbo as an appetizer and a platter of fried shrimp for our main dish.

We also made sure not to skip out on dessert, so we ordered a slice of cheesecake. That night I quickly learned that Uncle Chris is quite the celebrity of Morgan City since so many people stopped by our table to say hello. It really wasn’t a surprise to me since Uncle Chris is always extending his hand to help others. Not to mention that he is a very likeable guy. I’m so glad that I’ll finally be able to call him family really, really soon. Thanks for dinner and a fantastic evening Uncle Chris!

I headed back to Lafayette on Sunday, and spent the rest of my weekend ironing, cleaning and relaxing. I hated to see the weekend disappear, but I’m so beyond ready to get back to my normal habits of exercising and eating healthier.

On the menu this week is the following:

Breakfast: Banana with Skippy Natural Peanut Butter, or one of my pre-made freezer smoothies.

Monday: Chicken Fajita Taco Salad and Black Bean Soup from Blue Agave (Marketing Meeting).
Tuesday – Friday: Leftovers or a salad with healthy essentials.

Monday: Brett to cook
Tuesday: Pesto chicken w/ squash and zucchini squash
Wednesday: Hamburger Steaks w/ Sweet Potato Fries
Thursday: Paleo Friendly Cabbage Rolls
Friday: Shrimp smothered with onions over brown rice w/ asparagus

And my workout plan for the week is as follows:

Monday: Step – Oh my gosh guys, I hadn’t taken a step class in a while. It definitely kicked my booty. Fantastic change up!
Tuesday: Circuit Training
Wednesday: Cycling
Thursday: Circuit Training
Friday: Cycling or Body Pump
Saturday: Loads of walking since Brett and I are planning to travel to Sunset, LA in order to do a bit of flea market shopping.

Stay tuned as I hope to have Brett do a DIY post later in the week! Fingers crossed!


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