Rotisserie Chicken and Toby’s Birthday

Good evening friends!

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately, but this week has been nothing close to normal for me. I’ve only been to the gym once this week (today), and I was not able to create a menu plan for the week either.

So, why the abnormal behavior?

To be honest, on Monday I really just WANTED a break. The weather literally dampened my mood since it was rainy and temperatures dropped down to the 30’s. We Louisianans have no idea how to drive in these sort of weather conditions, so I decided to head home after work to do absolutely NOTHING. I didn’t even complete an at home work-out nor plan a menu for the week. I just sat down on the couch and watched the season premier of The Voice…that’s it! Actually, I lied, I also tried to conquer a craft project that went horribly wrong…so bad, that I’ve decided to block it from my memory.

Am I ashamed? Not at all! I believe everyone deserves a break every now and then. And you better believe that I got my butt back in gear the very next day.

Since I could not make it to the gym Tuesday or Wednesday evening,  I definitely made sure to walk the stairs at work during both of my breaks in order to get some sort of physical activity in for the day. I hated skipping the gym, but a visit with my brother on Tuesday evening and celebrating Toby’s birthday yesterday evening was way more important to me.

Seeing that I failed to create a menu for the week, I decided to make a very quick trip to the grocery store on Tuesday evening to purchase a few healthy essentials. Rotisserie chicken  seems to come in handy when I’m needing a healthy meal in a flash. I served the chicken with roasted asparagus and a side spinach salad that night. Since we had a bit of chicken leftover I reserved it in the fridge so that I could place it in a salad the next day for lunch.

Some other healthy items I always have stocked in our house are spinach, tomatoes, red onion, eggs, bell peppers, and chia seeds. Since all of those items were available to me yesterday, I threw them into a salad for a refreshing, healthy lunch.

This week is proof that no matter how busy I am, I always seem to find the time for health and fitness. Staying consistent with my routine is key for me. Even though I may take a few rest days, I always make sure to get back on track right away.

Toby’s Birthday

As I stated above, I was unable to get to the gym yesterday since Brett and I joined a few of his co-workers to celebrate Toby’s birthday. You may recall Toby from Memorial Day, 4th of July, and our weekend in Henderson.

We celebrated Toby’s birth by heading to Dwight’s Restaurant to indulge in a very popular Southern feast…BOILED CRAWFISH.

It was the first crawfish that we’ve had this year, and I’m happy to report that they were definitely on point.

They were full of spice and flavor, and my belly was definitely in heaven for a moment.

We ended the night with a few beers at a nearby bar.

10361321_10203500873141677_472946767005035153_nMe, Brett, Toby and Ellen.

I hope you enjoyed your birthday Toby, and thanks so much for including us on your special day!


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