Valentine’s Day 2015

Since Brett had to work this past Saturday, we decided to share our Valentine’s Day celebration a bit early this year. As usual, Brett and I decided to keep things simple by gifting each other consumable gifts. Brett also pieced together a few flower arrangements and placed them throughout our home on Thursday evening.

Valentine's Day I love the added touch of fresh flowers to the house so this made me one happy girl.

My other gifts from Brett were three cooked meals between Thursday and Friday. Up first was grilled Tuna Steak with creamed spinach.

Then on Friday, Brett actually woke up early on his day off to cook me breakfast which consisted of fried eggs and bacon.

Then later that night he grilled ribeyes and served them with a sweet potato.


All three meals were full of flavor and most certainly served with love. Brett definitely knows that the way to my heart is through my stomach.

Since I knew that Brett was cooking dinner Friday evening, I decided to pick us up a few of our favorite sweets from Poupart’s Bakery.

We absolutely love their French Cheesecake as well as their Strawberry Cake. Even though we were completely full, we had no trouble finishing off all of the desserts except for two chocolate covered strawberries in which we reserved for breakfast the next morning.

Although all the food was fantastic, the best part of our Valentine’s Day celebration was being able to share it with one another.

Brett consumes my whole heart, and I cannot wait to start our journey together as husband and wife really, really soon! I love you, B!

And before I sign off there will be no meal or workout plan for the week since this week will be thrown off a bit due to Mardi Gras. If you are attending or participating in any parades, please be careful and designate a driver if you plan on drinking alcohol.

Laissez le bon temps roulez!


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