Brett’s Groomsmen and Usher Proposal

Wedding planning is definitely in full force for me, and no, I have not lost my mind completely…yet. The good news is that we have officially asked all of our attendants to serve in our wedding, and I couldn’t be happier that they’ve all agreed to be a part of our big day!

For a little recap of my Bridesmaid proposal, click here, and for our Flower Girl proposal, click here.

It was very difficult for Brett to get all of his groomsmen and ushers together in one room, so he decided to ask them to be part of our wedding individually. Since most of his attendants are beer drinkers, we decided to create labels to place on their beer bottles which read, “Will you be my Groomsmen (or Usher)?”. As each attendant got low on their beverage, Brett would offer to retrieve them another beer. While doing so he would place the label on the beer then present it to his future attendant who then reacted with a smile and a “yes”.

So, without further ado, I’d like to turn over this blog post to Brett so that he can introduce this fantastic group of guys to all of you.

Hey guys, it’s Brett! I had these guys picked out a long time before Celina and I were ever “a thing” since they have all been a huge part of my life for quite some time.


Best Man – Matt

My best man, and brother, Matt, has been my “best bud” and “go-to guy” my entire life. We have journeyed together through a wondrous childhood, multiple tours to Iraq, as well as the start to our young families. I know when the times are hardest and the battle seems hopeless, I can call on him. He is my “Right Hand Man.”



Next is good ‘ole Sgt. James Rumfola. He stood by my side and endured some of the hardest times I’ve ever been through. James was my rack-mate throughout boot camp, served in Iraq alongside me, and sent thousands of rounds down range with me as a fellow machine gunner and U.S. Marine Corps leader. I know that when I call on him, he will be “present and accounted for.”


Cade has been my best childhood, high school, and work buddy. I met him when we were very young. He lived in my neighborhood and was my “hoop-shootin” and “bike riding” buddy. We spent years working alongside one another at his family’s mechanic shop. We never lost touch and always find the time in our days to remain close, whether through texts, phone calls, or visits.



Adam is blood. My first cousin, baseball teammate, and hunting buddy. We’ve always shared the same interest and enjoy spending time together, doing what we love. I’ve spent many dark, wet, cold mornings in the duck blind with this guy. I wouldn’t trade our memories for anything, and there is plenty more to “be had.”



So, you’ve met the groomsmen. Had Celina allowed me to have eight groomsmen, I would have easily attached this next “crew” of guys to the line-up. I say “crew” with purpose. We’ve always called ourselves, “The Crew.” We are all from the same small town, related somewhere down the line, and finally joined up in our high school years. We shared some great times hunting, fishing, camping out under the stars…enjoying the southern lifestyle to its fullest. We have put ourselves in some sticky situations, made some bad decisions together, but enjoyed every minute of it. We always took care of one another. I know if I called upon this crew, they’d have my back, no matter the situation. Derek, Tyler, Ben, and Gatlin are my crew! I love these guys, and I’m happy to have them join in on the best day of my life. I’m talking about the wedding, of course…although, I know everyone’s looking forward to the bachelor party.









And not to leave others out…I’ve met many great people throughout my life. I’ve shared some great times with so many friends, and I can see so many other people standing up there with me on my “big day.” Unfortunately, there are limits on these type of things. So, if you think you belong in the wedding party, you probably do. I love all my groomsmen/ushers, and I’m so appreciative to this group of extraordinary men. Thanks for being a part of this happy time in my life.


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