Bridge City, TX Weekend Update – 2.1.2015

After returning home from a weekend stay at my parents, I am finally feeling somewhat at ease with our wedding plans. While visiting I was able to document balances and due dates, cross a few things off the to-do list, and finalize what other actions must be completed before the big day. My parents have a great way of assuring me that everything is going to be just fine. Ultimately, I know that as long as Brett and I say “I do”, no other mishaps leading up to the wedding should matter.

I was so thrilled to walk into my parent’s home right as my Dad was pouring boiled crabs onto the patio dining table.


To me, there is nothing better than good food and conversation. Luckily, this was the way my parents raised my brother and I. We were very fortunate to have a delicious, home-cooked meal almost every night during our childhood. But, what was even more important to me was that we sat down at the dinner table together each night. It’s where we talked about our day, asked questions, learned and truly lived and loved with one another. I’m forever grateful for those moments as they have been carried into my own adult life.

The next morning I woke up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee, so I quickly prepared myself a cup of the good stuff. My Mom then whipped us up eggs, bacon and biscuits for breakfast.


After eating, we all got ready then headed to Beaumont, TX. That day we did a bit of shopping for wedding related items. I’m happy to report that all of our favor supplies are bought as well as all of the picture frames that we will use throughout the reception venue. Once lunchtime rolled around we made our way to Jo Jo’s China Bistro, one of my parent’s favorite Chinese restaurants in town.

I started with a wonton soup.



Then we shared an appetizer of egg rolls and an order of combination fried rice. It was clear to me why my parents love this joint so much since everything I consumed was delicious. I also walked out of the restaurant filling comfortably full since we made the wise decision to share.

One of the reasons for eating light was because my parents had plans to take me out again that night for dinner. That night they took me to dinner at Beau Reve. I learned that the vintage home was actually moved through the Sabine Pass from Beaumont, TX to Port Author, TX in 1987.


I have a soft spot in my heart for older homes, and I totally appreciate the more traditional style furniture and décor that usually accents these charming houses. Having said that, I have to admit to you guys that I couldn’t help but envision what I would do differently to the space. Although I loved the house as-is, the potential of this house was whispering in my ear.


Before we even got to the restaurant we stopped at a liquor store to purchase a few bottles of wine. My parents told me that the restaurant allowed the customer to bring their own liquor since the there was none offered on the menu. Pretty neat, huh?


That night I began with a cup of seafood gumbo. Since I prefer a dark roux, this gumbo was right on point…absolutely delicious.


I chose the ribeye as my main dish, and it was paired with a twice baked potato and warm roll. The sides were fantastic, but my ribeye was only “good”. I don’t normally order steaks at a restaurant since we eat them pretty regularly at home. Brett’s steaks are also ALWAYS amazing, so it’s truly hard for me to give a GREAT review on anyone else’s steak. My Dad did note that the dish was so much better the last time they dined at the restaurant. So my guess is that we either got a lower grade meat or someone else grilled his steak last time. All in all, it was a pretty fantastic meal especially since I was able to experience it all with my parents.


As we were leaving the restaurant it came up in conversation that my parent’s wedding anniversary was the previous Thursday. Since I felt like we just celebrated them during dinner, I asked them to take a picture in front of the house. I really need to start carrying around my point and shoot camera, since these blurry, red eye pictures don’t really make for great blog pictures. Anyway, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


The next day I headed back to Lafayette after attending mass earlier that morning. My parents weren’t too far behind me since they were heading to my house that night as well. Their purpose for this trip was so that my Dad could help Brett install recessed lighting in the living area. Check out the new lights below.


It was Brett’s idea to add the upgrade, and I’m so happy that he invested the time and money into this small project. The lighting is not only a million times better, but the addition gives so much class to the space that wasn’t there before.

Since we’ve been a little bit preoccupied over the past few days I’ve decided to skip this week’s meal and workout plan. I may or may not have had Pizza Hut pizza twice this week (Yikes!). Oh well, it happens! I can promise you guys that I’ll get back on track next week…if not before.

Have a lovely rest of the week!


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