Friday Finds XII

Woo hoo, Friday has arrived! I’m so excited since I’m heading to my parents house tonight. Boiled crabs was rumored to be on the menu this evening so you know that this girl will be in heaven.During my visit I’m hoping to sit down with my wedding binder and organize what is left to do as well as note when final payments are due. Although we still have three more months to prepare, I’m trying to stay as organized as possible so that stress doesn’t overwhelm me completely in the end. But I’m one lucky girl since Brett’s been a big help…especially lately. I also wanted to share with you guys that he’s been very busy working on our bed frame. Hopefully soon we can reveal his masterpiece on the blog.

This week I discovered another Friday Find. I’ll be the first one to tell you that I absolutely love dining out…especially in Lafayette, LA. Acadiana offers so many mouth watering menus, and the biggest challenge of eating out is usually deciding which restaurant to try next. The other challenge for me is choosing a menu option that is indeed considered “healthy”.

Now you guys know that I do indulge every now and again, but I typically like to keep my meals during the work week pretty clean and well balanced. Every Monday my Marketing team meets for lunch, and my main strategy when choosing a menu item is to stay away from the carbs (no sandwiches, no added bread roll, no rice, etc.). After ordering on Monday at Bon Temps Grill, I made a comment that I almost ordered the meatloaf. Several of my teammates had previously ordered the meatloaf and told me that I should definitely order it next time. And while we were on the subject of meatloaf, my boss told me that he loved the one served at Rachel’s Café.

He then went on to tell me that Rachel’s offers a complete menu where all options were low-carbohydrate, gluten-free and heart healthy.  So when Brett asked me where to meet him this past Wednesday for lunch, I immediately told him I wanted to try Rachel’s Café.


Since I missed out on the meatloaf on Monday, I had no trouble selecting it for my meal on Wednesday. I was also asked to choose two sides, so I chose green beans and smothered cabbage. Brett opted for the pork chops and his sides were a sweet potato and smothered cabbage. Brett cleared his plate completely, and I only left a little bit of my cabbage.  Brett and I agreed that our dishes were full of flavor. We were also happy that our bellies were comfortably full. This was no surprise to me since there was a low intake of carbs in both of our meals.

I cannot wait to return to Rachel’s again as there are so many healthy meals I’d like to try in the future. I also think Rachel’s would be a fantastic option for those nights where we are entirely too busy to cook at home. Kudos to my boss for sharing this little hidden gem with me.


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