Ruffino’s on the River and Weekend Update – 1.25.2015

I know I promised you guys a weekend update yesterday, but exhaustion hit me pretty hard last night. I had zero energy, and decided that rest was my top priority. Sorry this is a late one, but here is a peek into last weekend.

My weekend started a bit earlier than usual since I took the day off of work on Friday. Brett and I decided to kick off this extended weekend together by going out to dinner Thursday night at Ruffino’s on the River. I had previously dined at Ruffino’s in Baton Rouge, but it was the first time Brett and I had been to the new location in Lafayette.

Ruffino’s offers a very romantic and up-scale atmosphere, and is located in River Ranch where it overlooks the Vermillion River. Brett and I agreed that the staff was very attentive to our every need, and we were highly impressed that we had a separate waiter for drinks, food and prep.

Immediately, we were brought warm bread paired with a pesto dipping sauce.


Then our waiter brought us a complimentary small appetizer from the chef.


It was a grilled shrimp on top of a crouton with a tomato based sauce.


And you know this girl got a glass of wine.


Brett and I ordered scallops as an appetizer since it was featured as a special that night. They were garnished with turnips, spinach and couscous.


The flavor was very nutty and mesquite. They were pretty good, but nothing compared to the ones that are served at Pamplona Tapas Bar. Since the ones at Pamplona have recently been taken off the menu we’ve been on a hunt to find scallops that are at least comparable. No luck so far, but these were very good nonetheless.


Brett’s main dish was the Pork Tchoupitoulas which was a center cut chop topped with BBQ shrimp and mashed potatoes. Although Brett thought his dish was good, he didn’t feel that it was something he’d go back for especially since he stated that the BBQ shrimp tasted exactly like the ones I prepare at home.


I ordered the Shrimp Sorrento which was angel hair pasta topped with shrimp and vodka tomato cream sauce. I actually loved my dish since I never indulge in pasta all that much. It was also just the right amount of richness for me. I was also quite satisfied with the portion of shrimp given; however, I think most of them are hidden in the picture above.


Since we were our waiters’ first table of the night, they surprised us with a small dessert which was paired with their signature cotton candy at the end of the meal. The chocolate truffle type cake was absolutely divine. Even though we were pretty full, we had no problem clearing the plate.

Let me not forget to share this adorable picture of Brett. Cotton candy stash!


Overall we were pleased with our dining experience, but Brett and I agreed that the pricing was a bit outrageous. Although the dessert was phenomenal and free, the other food selections weren’t as special considering the high price tag.

Will we dine here again? Probably so, especially for drinks and appetizers since the atmosphere is definitely on point.  I also wouldn’t mind returning for a special occasion since there were some other signature menu items I’d like to try. Side note: When I had dined at the location in Baton Rouge I had the Fish Katie, and it was absolutely superb.

On Friday morning I got up in enough time to make an 8 am Body Pump class, then once I made it home I went into complete cleaning mode. I wanted to make sure our house was in tip top condition since we were entertaining both Friday and Saturday night.

That night we invited a few of Brett’s coworkers and their family over to our home. Brett had cooked a gumbo earlier that day, and he also fried duck breast that night. Ryan’s wife Angie was also so sweet to bring over two king cakes from Twin’s Burgers and Sweets. Another side note: If you are every looking for excellent burgers and sweets in Lafayette, definitely check out this joint. It’s one of Brett and I’s favorites.

That night was also the first time that we had seven children in our home at one time (YIKES), but surprisingly they were all very well behaved. They particular loved roasting marshmallows that evening! Don’t they looked mesmerized?!?


The next day we quickly straightened up the house, and got ready for round two of entertaining. This time around we hosted my good friend Preston and his friend Jay. I met Preston while I was living in Baton Rouge, and I cannot tell you guys how many times he and I ran/walked the Lakes of LSU.


That night Brett grilled steaks which we paired with baked sweet potatoes and asparagus. I have endless amounts of memories with Preston, and was so happy to add Saturday to the list. Since I hadn’t seen him in quite a while, we had an absolute blast catching up.

Brett and I ended the weekend by catching a matinee on Sunday. That afternoon we watched American Sniper. I definitely encourage everyone to go watch this fantastic movie which depicts the life of U.S. Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle.

I absolutely loved that the movie told the complete story of a warrior. We not only saw the battle scenes, but we also saw the emotional toll that war takes on him when he returned to his home life. I was definitely an emotional mess at the end of the movie, but at the same time left with so much respect for all of the men and women that serve our country. God bless our troops!

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