Meal and Workout Plan – Week Three

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to pop in real quick to share my meal and workout plan for the week.


Either scrambled or fried eggs, banana with Skippy Natural Peanut Butter or plain Greek yogurt with fruit.


Monday – Sweet Chili and Honey Chicken with a veggie kabob from Bon Temps Grill (Marketing Meeting)
Tuesday – Leftover Chicken Tortilla Soup
Wednesday – Leftover Lettuce Wraps
Thursday – Leftover Deer Chili
Friday – Any other leftovers


Monday – Brett cooked Chicken Tortilla Soup
Tuesday- Lettuce Wraps and a steamed veggie
Wednesday – Deer Chili
Thursday – Hamburger Steaks w/ Asparagus
Friday – Dinner at my parents, so I’m praying for boiled crabs!


Monday – Cycling Class
Tuesday – Circuit Training
Wednesday – TRX and Cardio
Thursday – Circuit Training
Friday – Body Pump

Hope you guys have a great week ahead. I’m planning to share my wonderful, jammed packed weekend update with you guys tomorrow. Goodnight!


3 thoughts on “Meal and Workout Plan – Week Three

  1. Penny Allemand

    We were thinking the same thing for Friday night – boiled crabs would be great for your visit. We will call to see if we can get some. Looking forward to your visit.

    Love, Mom and Dad


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