How to Avoid the Burnout

Can you guys believe that we are already 22 days into the New Year? The year seems to be flying before my eyes, and I cannot believe that in less than four months I will be married to Brett!

It’s usually at this point  that we either give up or continue on with our New Year’s resolutions. I say this because of the noticeable population difference at the gym. Within the first few weeks of January it was quite hard to find a parking spot at the gym, and the classes were filled completely. Then fast forward a few weeks and everything is back to normal, except for a few new faces that actually stayed true to their resolutions. Although it’s easier to find a parking spot now, I must admit that it disappoints me to see how easy it is for others to give up so quickly.  So why is it that we throw in the towel so fast? How can we make certain that we will continue with our workouts for the rest of the year as well as years ahead?

Here are my five suggestions in order to avoid the burnout.

  1. Don’t Expect Overnight Results – So many people think that if they start exercising and dieting that they are sure to see amazing results right away. Truth is you probably won’t notice a huge difference in your appearance for a while. When the results aren’t seen right away, we get disappointed and ultimately give up. This is why I stress consistency on the blog so very much. Sure, I’ll be the first to admit to you that I absolutely love indulging and relaxation, but at the same time I believe that organization, routine, and most of all sticking to a plan is highly important. It’s also valuable to realize that you may lose weight if you are putting in less calories than you are putting out, but you will not burn as much fat unless you are consuming the proper whole foods to do so. Think  more vegetables and lean protein rather than junk and processed foods.
  2. Pace Yourself –  Listen to your body and start slow by only allowing yourself 30 minute workouts 2-3 times a week. Only gradually increase the intensity of your exercises once your body is absolutely ready for something more challenging. You may think that intermediate style workouts are attainable right away, but if you haven’t worked out for quite some time be mindful of your capabilities. If you push yourself too soon in the gym it can cause injury or fatigue which could ultimately lead you backwards toward burnout.
  3. Mix Things Up  – Being consistent with your workout regimen is fantastic; however, constantly repeating the same workout can quickly become very uninteresting; ultimately causing you to quit. I’m always trying to mix up my workouts, and tend to gravitate towards trends in fitness like TRX Training, Circuit Training, and Cycling. I love to keep my body guessing, and by constantly changing up my workouts it helps fight boredom in the gym. I think I would have given up on the gym a long time ago had I stuck to the same workout daily. My favorite group fitness class by far is Circuit Training since the class is never the same and flashes by since you are doing a different exercise every minute.
  4. Have Fun – For me, working out with people I know makes the whole agony of exercising so much more enjoyable.  I’ve heard that most trainers rather train in groups rather than individually. It’s a win-win for both the trainer as well as the trainee. You pay less for a session, and they make more money since they charge each group member. If you can’t afford a trainer, call up a friend to take an afternoon stroll around the neighborhood or local park. I absolutely love joining my neighbor Camille and her daughter on walks in our neighborhood. I not only get my exercise, but I get an enjoyable visit as well.
  5. Focus on your Goal – All too often I hear people say that they wish they had the same momentum as me. The good news is that I can assure each and every one of you that any goal can be met in the gym as well as in your diet as long as you are focusing on something truly attainable. Believe me, I’ve heard every excuse…I don’t have time; diets are expensive; the gym intimidates me. Come on guys, those excuses are silly! Here are my suggested goals for the excuses above:
    Don’t Have Time – Sure, it’s easy for me to get to the gym 5-6 times a week since I do not have kids, but trust me my life can get super busy too. If you’re struggling to find time for exercise, try committing just 15 minutes a day to the activity. When I know I can’t make it to the gym I do two sets of the 7 minute workout or complete a 100 calorie burn (40 jumping jacks, 30 crunches, 20 squats and 10 push-ups) twice. Another effective solution would be to do some sort of cardio activity (high knees, burpees, etc.) during television commercials or even during breaks in the office. If none of these sound attainable, just try living more actively through your daily task.
    Diets are Expensive – My friend Jada said it best the other day on Facebook. She said, “Take a look at your checking account then highlight every fast food, junk food and otherwise useless expense you had, add it up, then message me. There are always ways to trim your budget if you REALLY want something”.
    The Gym Intimidates Me – Truth is that even those that visit the gym everyday are also worried about the way they look too. And I can promise you that the ones that seem the most intimidating are actually cheering for you. Nothing brings more joy to me than seeing someone giving it their all in the gym. So quit worrying about what others think, and instead focus on working out to your best potential consistently.

So if you have fallen a bit off the tracks towards this year’s resolution, I hope that these tips can direct you back on the path towards the healthy, in-shape person you deserve to be. If you have any questions, concerns, or just need encouragement, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for assistance.

But remember that these statements are simply my personal thoughts. Since I am not a licensed trainer or dietician I’d recommend contacting your health physician before beginning a new diet or workout regimen. Good luck!


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