Weekend Update – 1.18.2015

My heart is so happy right now!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today in Louisiana. If it was nice in your hometown as well, I sure hope that you were able to enjoy an outdoor activity. As for me, I enjoyed a 40 minute walk around my neighborhood, and I was also able to clean the inside of my car. But before any of those activities occurred, I drove in from Mississippi this morning. Let me catch you up to speed on my lovely weekend.

If you read my blog post this past Friday you already know that I had Ava over Friday evening. That night Brett grilled us hot dog weiners, and we also enjoyed a camp fire. Ava was also thrilled that we let her roast a few marshmallows as well.


After Ava bathed, she allowed me to comb, blow dry and flat iron her hair. She never lets me touch her hair, so I was beyond thrilled to pamper her. She was so pleased with the results so I’m hoping that this will occur more often in the future. I so hope that I have a daughter, if not I’ll be spoiling this little girl FOREVER!

The next day I met Ava; Ava’s Mom, Lauren; and Brett’s Mom, Mrs. Tessie in New Orleans in order to find Ava’s Flower Girl dress for our upcoming wedding. Since I had been having my eye on a particular dress for quite sometime, it was a quick and easy process. I just wanted to make sure that every one else liked the dress as much as I did. Since everyone agreed that it was beautiful (especially Ava), we went ahead and got her measurements.


After we finished shopping we all hopped in Lauren’s car to grab a bite to eat for lunch. Then after Lauren returned me to my car I headed to Gulf Port, Mississippi.

That afternoon I met up with three of my girlfriends (Kristin, Amy and Leslie) at the Gulf Port Outlet Mall. As my frequent MCT readers know, shopping is not my favorite activity in the world, so I was very happy that I found a beautiful dress at BCBG for a really great price. And I have to admit that yesterday’s shopping experience was a million times better since I was engaging in the activity with some pretty amazing ladies. 

After our shopping was done, we headed to Amy’s parents camp in Bay St. Louis. Once there we indulged in pizza, salad, cookies, and WINE!



We spent the night catching up with one another, and enjoyed quite a few laughs as well. Thanks to Amy (unfortunately no picture with her) again for giving us the opportunity to share this quality time together. I absolutely love all of these girls to pieces.

But one things for sure, I just hate how quickly the weekend passes when it’s filled with really fun activities and moments. I guess there is no ignoring the work week ahead. Enjoy your evening, and stay tuned as I plan to post another meal and workout plan tomorrow.


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