Weekend Update – 1.4.2015

Today started the first normal week back to work for me after the holidays. Since my workload was noticeably heavier today it was a clear indication that most of my co-workers were also back from holiday vacations as well. The time off during the past two weeks have been much appreciated, but I guess there is no ignoring returning to work as well as a regular routine.

Even though the Monday blues were completely surrounding me today, I’m at least happy to report that I had a fabulous weekend. So, today I bring to you my weekend recap.

Erich and Britny’s Wedding

First up was attending my manager’s wedding on Friday evening. Brett actually met me at the reception since he was still at work during the ceremony. I loved that Erich and Britny picked the Acadiana Center for the Arts as their reception venue. The modern and classic touches that they chose created a beautiful ambiance for everyone that attended that evening.


Lindsay (my co-worker Mike’s wife) and I with one of the coolest wedding favors I’ve ever seen …tambourines that light up. Mike reported to me later that his one year old daughter just couldn’t get enough of this neat little toy.


Unfortunately Brett and I couldn’t stay as long as we wanted to since we both had to be up early the next morning. But, we certainly enjoyed our evening with many of my co-workers. Congratulations to Erich and Britny!

Lauren Swears Into Office

The next morning I had to be up and ready for my future Sister-in-law’s Swearing In Ceremony. She was recently voted into the Youngsville City Council, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.


You can actually see the back of my head in the picture to the left below. And you will also notice that Ava was able to hold the Bible as her Mother swore into office. Great job Lauren! I have great confidence that you will make remarkable efforts for the city of Youngsville.


Kristin’s Surprise Birthday Celebration

My best friend Kristin’s birthday is right around the corner, but her husband and Sister-in-laws decided to surprise her a few days early with a day filled with pampering and friends, and a night of celebration for her 30th birthday.

I met her and her two Sister-in-laws at 2:30 pm on Saturday to partake in a group pedicure. We enjoyed our time together, and Leslie even brought champagne for us to indulge in during our pampering session. Funny story: When Courtney (the girl all the way to the left below) went to open the champagne bottle she nearly took out a light at the facility when the cork popped. It was frowned upon by the pedicurist doing my toes, but we all got a good laugh from the mishap.


Later that evening we all met up again for dinner and drinks at Tsubaki, a local Hibachi style restaurant.


The birthday girl!

Hibachi style eating is one of my favorite dining experiences. The chefs are always so entertaining, and the food is always phenomenal.


And we all got a pretty large portion of veggies. Since veggies were a part of the meal, that makes it healthy right?


What an incredible weekend filled with good company and loads of memories.

Here is to a wonderful week!


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