Christmas 2014 – Part II

Earlier this week I recapped the weeks leading up to Christmas, but I failed to recap my actual Christmas with family. So, today I give you Part II of my Christmas holiday.

This year was quite different than past years since Brett would not be joining me during my travels. Unfortunately, he had to stay behind since he was scheduled to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I did my best to not let his absence bring me down entirely, and he even insisted that I head to Morgan City to be with his family for their annual gathering at his cousin Adam’s house on Christmas Eve.

Once I made it to Morgan City, my first stop was to Brett’s childhood home to pay a visit to his Mom and his niece Ava. I enjoyed about an hour visit with them then headed to 5 pm mass shortly after.

When I arrived to the Christmas Eve party I was greeted by everyone with warm hugs and kisses. Since the birth of Brett and I’s relationship, I’ve luckily been graciously accepted by all of his aunts, uncles and cousins. They are definitely a loud crew, but I love them not only for that, but their gigantic hearts as well. After saying hello to everyone I served myself a plate of food then ate. There was so much laughter and good tidings that night. The Christmas spirit was surely alive and well within Adam’s beautiful home.


Top left: Me, Adam and Brett’s Uncle Chris; Top Right: Brett’s Uncle Chris and Uncle Tralles; Bottom left: Brett’s Mom, Mrs. Tessie, Mrs. Lynn in white (Amanda’s Mother-in-law), and Amanda; Bottom Right: A selfie I sent to Brett that night.

After about an hour or two, we all gathered into the living room to play the White Elephant game. My number was 12, so I was able to watch a good bit of people open their gifts in case I wanted to steal anything when it was my turn. Brett’s Uncle Tralles was 11, and he opened a $25 Lowe’s gift card which I quickly stole shortly afterwards.


Brett’s Uncle Phil was 1, and he kept threatening to steal the gift card from me since he could steal anybody’s gift, even if it had been stolen before, at the end of the game. Luckily he selected a different item, and I was so happy to bring home the gift card to Brett. I can guarantee you guys that it will be put to great use.

That night, I spend the night at Amanda and Brandon’s (thanks for the hospitality guys), then woke up pretty early Christmas morning to head over to Mrs. Tessie’s to open gifts with her, Ava, and Ava’s parents, Matt and Lauren.

Ava was a very good girl this year, so as expected Santa left her many gifts under the tree. She even received a special gift that her Paw asked Santa to bring to her a long time ago.


When she opened her gift from Brett and I, she found these slimy little creatures gifted from her Uncle Brett.


Brett also got her this strange, blow-up tongue from World Market. May be strange to us, but Ava seemed to enjoy these out of the box gifts so much. You can see my gift to her in the picture to the right below. I had asked her a few months ago what she would like for Christmas, and the first item on her list was a Beados Starter Pack. She was quite ecstatic about it Christmas morning, so I think I did well this year.


After we finished our gift exchanging, we enjoyed a nice breakfast casserole that was cooked by Lauren. Then after breakfast and coffee, I got ready then hit the road to Cut Off.

As soon as I arrived to my Aunt Laura’s house, everyone was serving their plates for lunch, so I immediately got in line for the feast. I know everyone is biased to their own family recipes, but I can tell you guys without a doubt that my Aunt Laura makes the best rice dressing in the world. I also look forward to her glazed ham and yams every year. Other items on my plate are green bean casserole and mac and cheese. Everything was amazing, and my tummy was filled to the max after clearing my plate.


After we ate, we went ahead and did a bit of gift exchanging. I was so happy to receive the Cuisinart CSB-77 Smart Stick Hand Blender with Whisk and Chopper Attachments below. I have intentions of using this device to puree my soups instead of transferring the soup into a blender. Ah, I guess I truly am an adult now since my Christmas wish list consist of kitchen appliances instead of toys. My second cousin, Abby, also entertained us a bit with her skills on the violin. I was highly impressed since she has only been taking lessons for six months. I hope that she continues with this fantastic hobby.

Allemand Christmas

That day my parent’s and I also visited with my Mom’s side of the family at my Aunt Karen’s house. I don’t get to see my Aunts as often as I would like, so I was very happy to catch up with all of them. I actually took this video in my Dad’s truck as we were driving back to my Aunt Laura’s. That is the bayou my friends. We were going “up the bayou” while we were Down the Bayou. People seem to get a kick out of our directions down there.

After saying my goodbyes, I made the two hour drive back to Lafayette. I arrived home right as Brett was getting in from work. We exchanged gifts, and he also opened gifts that I brought home to him from Morgan City. Below is a picture of Brett with his gift from one of his cousin’s boyfriends, Ryan. We were really intrigued by this Das Horn Drinking Vessel, and Brett cannot wait to wear it for one of our next parties.


Since Brett’s cousins were in from Florida over the holiday, we decided to invite them over Saturday night. Brett cooked them and their mother, Aunt Toni, a rabbit stew. Everything was delicious, but the company was even better. It was a great way to wrap up our Christmas holiday.


image15I hope you guys have some wonderful plans to ring in the new year. As for Brett and I, we plan to attend our neighbor’s annual New Year’s Eve party that we attended last year.

Have fun, but if you are drinking please do not drink and drive.

See you guys next year!


2 thoughts on “Christmas 2014 – Part II

  1. Chris Adam Rhodes

    Hi Honey it’s great to see your Christmas went well. All thow I missed having my handsome nephew here with you, having a few cocktails. Well there is always next year. Have a wonderful new year. See you soon . Love Uncle Chris.



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