You guessed it!

Today is my one year blogging anniversary!


I started blogging on December 30, 2013 as a way to communicate my interest in DIY projects and healthy living with family and friends that did not have a presence on social media. Over the course of the year I’ve realized that this little hobby of mine has proven to be a challenge; however, at the same time it’s been a rewarding and educational experience. I’m truly proud of myself for not giving up, and can only hope to see the blog grow in the coming years.

Thank You

I cannot thank you guys enough for reading my blog everyday. I couldn’t be more pleased with the responses I get from those that follow me via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but please don’t be afraid to like and comment on the blog as well! I’d also like to thank all of my silent readers, I’m extending out an even bigger thanks to you!

And last but not least, I owe a huge thank you to Brett. Not only does he author all of the DIY post, but he also puts up with the crazy photo capturing gal that I am. I think I’ve embarrassed him more than enough times while dining in a nice restaurant, and also kept him from eating a warm meal or two at home due to a mini photo-shoot with our food. I love you bae!

Looking Back

One of my favorite parts about blogging is being able to relive moments of my life through my own writing. So, in honor of this special day I’d like to share my favorite post from each month of this past year!

December 2013
My first blog post!

January 2014
First DIY Post – Coffee Table
Walking with Maggie!

February 2014
Dynamite Crawfish!
American Heart Month
How to Make the Easiest Pulled Pork

March 2014
How to Stain Cement – DIY
We’re Engaged!

April 2014
Patio Sofa Reveal – DIY
Feeling Like a Champion

May 2014
My Bridesmaid Proposal
My 29th Birthday

June 2014
Bay St. Louis
House Updates
Worst Foods to Avoid
A Weekend in NOLA!

July 2014
“Down the Bayou” Weekend Recap
Treasure Chest DIY
Henderson Weekend

August 2014
5 Ways to Stay Active in the Office
A Few House Updates

September 2014
Our Flower Girl!
Eggcellent Meals!

October 2014
Autumn Accents
Life Lately

November 2014
First Publication & Promoting Chili
When Brett is away, I eat SUPER healthy!
Tips for the Thanksgiving Holiday!

December 2014
Engagement Pictures
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Kitchen and Pantry/Laundry Room Reveal

I also received an annual report from Word Press today. Click here to see the complete report.

Looking Forward

For starters, I’m hoping to dedicate myself to more than just one or two post a week. Since the DIY post seem to be more popular amongst the blog, I’m hoping to have Brett author more of those this coming year too. Another segment I’m hoping to introduce to the blog is weekly meal and workout plans. I promise to do my best, but please keep in mind that our wedding will be this year as well. I’ll try my best to stay on top of things, but the stress may get the better of me. Here is to another year of blogging!


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