Christmas 2014 – Part I

Merry Christmas everyone!

I have to say it sure was tough getting back to a normal routine this morning since I was fortunate to be office-free for the past four and half days. But before I jump into how I spent my time off I’d like to back track a bit to the weeks leading up to Christmas in tonight’s post.

As I’ve said on the blog before, it never really feels like Christmas to me until the festivities begin. And Friday before last I took part in another festive function as myself and my co-workers pulled off our 2nd Annual Project Santa for 20 children that were hand selected from our local Boys and Girls Club.


The way the project works is that we ask these selected children to complete a wish list in order to find out their clothing sizes and toys wanted. This year I was able to purchase each child a set of pajamas, new school uniform, socks, underwear, toothbrush, blanket, zip-up hoodie, over-night bag and two toys. If they requested other needed items such as shoes, books, hygiene products, etc., I went ahead and bought those items as well.

The goal of the project is to provide for kids that are either at risk or from low income families. This too is another special event that I look forward to every year since it truly tugs at my heart, and I’m so glad that we were able to grow the program this year with the addition of 10 kids.


It was so wonderful to see bright smiles appear on each of their faces as they opened each gift. The young boy in the picture below gave me the most special gift of all this year when he embraced me in a gigantic hug and told me that, “It was the best day EVER”. His excitement for just a few toys and clothes moved me to tears, and in that moment I really felt like I was portraying the true meaning of Christmas. Again, I could not have pulled off this event without the help of my co-workers, they truly are the best!


The festivities continued on this past week as I headed to a Ladies Christmas Party last Tuesday evening. As I walked into Paula’s kitchen that night, I was greeted with a huge spead of finger foods and dips. After about an hour of chatting with my lady co-workers I decided to make myself a plate of food which consisted of cocktail meatballs, tiny sandwiches, veggies, boudin and a few crackers accompanied with various dips. I always seem to love party food, so it was quite easy for me to clear my plate that night.


Once everyone was able to serve themselves food and eat we moved the party into the living room where we all participated in “the game”.


The game that we played was similar to the White Elephant game that most of you are probably familiar with during the holiday season. When it was my turn I decided to pick a gift from under the tree as opposed to stealing a gift. Underneath the wrapping paper I found an electric wine opener.


Since most of you know that I’m a wine loving fool, I was quite content with my gift. Luckily my gift was not stolen at all during the game; however, the candle holder below seemed to be the more popular gift amongst our group.


After we finished the game some of us stayed a little later in order to enjoy a small fire on Paula’s patio. Judging by the picture below, I think it’s safe to say that we all enjoyed our night with one another.


Thanks so much to Paula for hosting the party this year. I also owe her a huge thank you for assisting me with a few projects throughout this past year, one of which was Project Santa. Paula is the lady right near me in the picture above.

First Guest Post

Before I sign off I wanted to extend a bit of exciting news for MCT. I was asked to do my very first guest post on our wedding photographer’s blog a few weeks ago. If you do not follow me via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can click the link here to see what I had to say about our engagement session. Thanks so much to Mark for the wonderful opportunity and exposure.

Enjoy the rest of you evening, and stay tuned for Part II of my Christmas recap later this week!


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