Engagement Pictures

Hey Guys! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. Before we jump into a new work week, I wanted to go ahead and share Brett and I’s favorite images from our engagement session. We decided to take them out in Belle River, LA. Brett has adored his Dad’s property out there since he was a small child. It’s where he learned how to hunt and survive the woods. If he could, I’m pretty sure he would move out to the private property in a heartbeat. Since the passing of his Dad, Brett and his brother now share the land his Dad once owned.

I’ve actually had the pleasure of spending many afternoons and evenings out in Belle River. I fell in love with the landscape when Brett took me along for one of his squirrel hunts during our second year of dating. So, as you can tell, deciding where to take our engagement pictures was probably the easiest decision we’ve had to make thus far in the wedding planning process.

On the other hand, it was truly hard to narrow down our absolute favorite images since we were so pleased with Mark’s excellent talent, but somehow we managed to choose the images below. Enjoy!












The picture above if one of my favorites, and the picture below will be used for our newspaper announcements.





Of course the picture above is Brett’s favorite.





Again, I couldn’t be happier with the results. Now we have to decide which ones we’d like to display at the wedding. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Which image is your favorite?

I hope all of you have a great week!


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