Tips for the Thanksgiving Holiday!

Before I get to the subject of today’s post, I wanted to do a real quick recap of this past weekend. On Friday evening I headed south to New Iberia for Gatlin and Leah’s wedding. I met Gatlin at the very beginning of Brett and I’s relationship, and he has been such a loyal friend to both of us for quite sometime. He is actually going to be one of our ushers for our own wedding! Leah is the perfect match for Gatlin, and I honestly couldn’t be happier for the both of them.


Unfortunately, Brett had to work until 7 pm that night, so he met us later in enough time to enjoy most of the reception. The wedding was beautiful, the food was delicious, and being able to catch up with old friends was delightful! Congratulations again, Gatlin and Leah!


And how cute is Gatlin’s groom’s cake?


Did you notice that Brett shaved off his mustache? I can finally see his beautiful face again. He and his co-workers were trying to participate in No Shave November, but none of them could stand the mustaches any longer nor the shame hating from their wives/girlfriends. Brett was proud to report to me that he was the last one standing in the race to the end of November.

Unfortunately we had to leave the wedding reception a bit early since Brett had to work the next morning, and I was also getting up a bit early to head out of town. On Saturday I met three of my bridesmaids in Metairie so that they could each try on their bridesmaid gowns. The dresses are absolutely beautiful, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the color. We enjoyed lunch together, and also swung by the mall for a few errands. I had totally forgot that the holiday season was upon us, so our mall visit was very short lived.

Speaking of the holidays, let’s dive into the subject of this post. Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I thought it only appropriate to share with you guys a few tips to keep in mind during this indulgent holiday. This is a hard one for me since I usually let loose and eat and drink whatever I please, but I’m going to do my best this year by following the tips below.

  • Stay hydrated – Most the time your body is actually not hungry, but thirsty. So make sure to continue drinking half your weight in ounces.
  • Don’t skip meals to starve yourself for the main show. Remember that breakfast is important too!
  • Stay Active – Challenge your family to play a few rounds of flag football or take a stroll around the neighborhood…especially if the day is beautiful. Also 15 minute circuit workouts don’t take too much time out of your day. Try my At Home Circuit Workout or the 7 minute workout.
  • Use a smaller plate if it’s available. This will help to keep your portions smaller.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you do indulge beyond your limits. Try to get back on track the next day. Remember that consistency is key.

I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends, and please be careful if you are traveling!


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