Weekend Update

Good Evening Guys!

I hope you guys are staying warm. It’s been a bit chilly in South Louisiana the past few days, but that did not keep Brett and I from participating in the Greater Acadiana Heart Walk Saturday Morning.

2014 Heartwalk

We along with a few of my co-workers completed the 5k walk that benefitted the American Heart Association. Together our company team raised right over $2,500 dollars to support the cause. Go Team!

As soon as we got back from the walk, Brett started on a gumbo, and I started cleaning the house. We had intentions to entertain a few of our friends, but most of them could not make it to the party due to feeling under the weather. I took note of all the sickness in the air and made sure to get my flu shot as soon as I could on Monday.


Although we were bummed that we wouldn’t see most of our friends, we still enjoyed our Saturday night togehter. Mustache and all! I’m so ready for the end of November guys, that caterpillar is killing me.

As you can see from the picture above, Brett’s brother Matt joined us, and later in the evening Brett’s old co-worker Jolie and her boyfriend Ian accompanied us as well. Brett’s gumbo warmed all of us right up. It was delicious, but went undocumented…sorry! I’ll try my best to right down his recipe next time. This is a difficult task for me since I’m usually doing something else around the house while he cooks. I’ll try better next time guys!

Before I sign off for the night I wanted to show all of you an update on the cabinet doors.


My Dad completed all twelve doors, and is hoping to prime them real soon. Once the hinges come in he will transfer them to Lafayette. Then it will be up to Brett and I to decide on a paint color. Brett told me that he plans to paint these doors along with our kitchen cabinet doors. I love his way of thinking…knock two birds out with one stone! I’m so ready to see a more modernized kitchen area, but more importantly cannot wait to share the details as we progress!

image3Have a great rest of the evening. I’ll be back tomorrow with a recipe from tonight’s dinner!


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