Friday Finds X

Hey guys, it’s Brett. I’m happy to jump into one of Celina’s “Friday Finds” posts. Recently, I was skimming through my Facebook feed and saw an advertisement for the Deejo Knife on the website, Touch of Modern for $25 with shipping included. The price was great, but I waited for nearly an entire month to receive the knife. I later read reviews stating that the shipping time was ridiculously long from Touch of Modern.

I researched the product a bit further and found it to be a worthy contender to my collection. Deejos are French-made, all stainless steel parts, modern pocket knives. I’ve been looking for a compact, low-weight, lock-blade knife to carry daily.

This sleek, little knife comes in a variety of weights, blade sizes, and finishes. I first purchased the mid-size 27g, stainless steel, mirror finish knife with yellow handle. This particular knife is part of the “Deejo Colors” line.


After carrying the 27g Deejo for a week, I just had to have the next size up. I purchased the 37g, stainless steel, matte finish knife with the juniper wood handle from Amazon. The larger 3.75″ blade seems to be the perfect size for my daily obstacles. Ordering from Amazon proved to be the better choice. I may have paid an extra $5, for a grand total of $30, but the delivery time was minimal.

photo 4

photo 1-1
Deejo Wood 37g juniper

I’ve read that carrying and using a pocket knife is a dying art. “Back in the day,” everyone carried a pocket knife. From aiding with grooming, carrying out daily chores, and cutting through a meal…a pocket knife was a necessity.

photo 2-2

photo 3-1

So go ahead, check out the Deejo knife line. There is something for everyone, and with the holidays right around the corner, it makes a perfect gift for a guy, girl, boyfriend, husband, dad, etc.


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Have a great weekend and stay warm!

What have you been loving lately?


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