Veteran’s Day

To all the men and women that sacrificed their lives for our freedom, thank you for your bravery, courage and protection.


Last Friday, our photographer, Mark Eric, shared this picture on Facebook. As I expected, I fell in love with the image right away. I am so eager to see the rest of the images, but I’m trying my best to be patient.

I’m so honored and proud to be marrying this Marine very, very soon. Not only did I observe Veteran’s Day today, but I also celebrated the Marine Corps’ 239th birthday yesterday. Brett’s brother, Matt (also a Marine), and godchild Ava came over to our house yesterday evening for a cowboy themed dinner.

We each had a rib eye steak paired with a baked potato and asparagus. As you can see Ava helped prepare the steaks with her Uncle Brett. Oh, and please excuse Brett’s Movember mustache. Ava and I agreed that it looks horrible, and that neither of us will give him any more kisses until it’s gone. j/k : ) Dinner was delicious, and I easily cleared my entire plate.

We continued our cowboy inspired night by roasting marshmallows near a campfire.



Brett even broke out his sleeping bag to make our impromptu “campfire” seem even more realistic for Ava.

Today I treated Brett to lunch for Veteran’s Day. Since it was his day, I told him he could choose any restaurant in town. His pick was Bread and Circus Provisions. Before they opened their restaurant on Bendel Road the company was well-known by those that frequented the local Lafayette Farmer’s Market. Brett and I had actually dined at Bread and Circus Provisions previously, but I failed to document our experience. So today I’m going to redeem myself since this restaurant deserves to be known by many.


First off, the food is EXCELLENT, but be prepared to spend a little more than your average lunch outting. Today our meal cost $27, and that included two sandwiches, a side of corn grits (not included with sandwiches), a bottle of water and a tiny diet coke. I know, pretty steep. Since we were celebrating I didn’t mind splurging, but I don’t think I could afford to eat here on a weekly basis. My other complaint is that it took over 15 minutes for the staff to prepare our sandwiches during both visits. This issue is easily fixable by calling in our order next time.

Today I opted for the Sammie Special, which was a meatball sub on sourdough bread. It was pretty tasty, but I think I enjoyed my B.L.T. (Belly Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwich) even more during my last visit. Brett tried the Smoked Beef Tongue sandwich today, and gave the meal rave reviews.


Brett kept asking me to try the sandwich, but I just couldn’t stomach the idea of consuming Beef Tongue. I’m not usually a picky eater, but this was taking it a bit far for me. I’m looking forward to our next visit as there are still so many items on the menu I want to taste. One of them being the French Onion Grilled Cheese sandwich. I’d also like to explore their dinner menu on a Saturday night. I hear they have great drink specials. So, overall, I’d give this restaurant 3.5 out of 5 stars. The food is fantastic, but if I’ve got to pay $27 dollars for two lunch meals at least give me free refills…palease.

Thank you again to all that have served our great nation, your selfless acts do not go unrecognized.

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