Pantry/Laundry Room Cabinet Doors!

You know that you are getting old when upgrading your cabinet doors to your pantry and laundry room excite you a little too much.

This was the case today when my Dad emailed me a picture of a door he built for the proposed  cabinet project. He wanted my opinion before he moved forward, and I was more than impressed. I not only loved the door, but also loved the fact that they will be built by him.

Below are pictures of the warped cabinet doors that currently reside in our pantry/laundry room. I know, UGH!



Initially we had plans to get the cabinets made, but after getting quotes from a few vendors we decided that having my Dad build them would be a better decision…both financially and emotionally. My Dad takes such pride in his work…and so do I.

Below are the two pictures that my Dad sent me today.



Aren’t they beautiful? It’s like a breath of fresh air. I cannot wait to see the end result, and I promise to update you guys as we make progress.

Thank you Daddy!


4 thoughts on “Pantry/Laundry Room Cabinet Doors!

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