Friday Finds IX

Happy Friday friends!

I know you guys are probably as shocked as I am to finally see another Friday Finds on the blog. I started my Friday Finds series at the beginning of the year, but haven’t had much to report to you guys in the past several months unfortunately. Today’s Friday Find is a recent purchase I ordered online for Brett and I’s upcoming engagement photo shoot!

Since I’m an avid wine drinker, my pearly whites get a bit stained from time-to-time. I’ve used Crest White Strips in the past, but just a month ago I decided to take Brett’s cousin Amanda’s advice and purchase Dr Song Home Professional Teeth Whitening 44% Carbamide Peroxide 8 XL Syringe Kit with Light, Trays and Gel Applicator.


The kit comes with 8 syringes of Carbamide Peroxide, which is enough for up to 50 applications. I’ve already applied the Carbamide Peroxide twice and saw noticeable results. I have intentions of using the whitening kit all of next week so that my teeth can be photo-ready for Friday afternoon.

To use the product you simply extract a fingertip size of Carbamide Peroxide into a small dish. Then use the brush included in the kit to apply to your teeth. I did not apply to teeth that you cannot see when I smile. Next, place the mouth guard over your teeth, then remove and rinse after 15-30 minutes. You can leave the Carbamide Peroxide on your teeth longer, but 20 minutes seemed to work just fine for me.

Overall, I feel that this kit is well worth the $26 spent, the Carbamide Peroxide does not leave my teeth sensitive after application, and the results have been well-received. I definitely recommend this product to anyone interested in brightening their beautiful smile!

Just a few more hours until the weekend! I hope you all have a blessed one!



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