Orange Doors

Hey Guys!

Hope you are all having a fabulous week! Today I wanted to share with you some more updates on our house.


I’d first like to finally share with you guys my master bedroom curtains. The curtains were far too long, so I kindly asked my Mom if she could hem them for me. During my parent’s visit two weekends ago, she was able to complete the task. Thanks Mom! Check out the before and after pictures below.





It’s amazing how much of a difference the addition and placement of curtains will make in a room. In the coming months Brett is hoping to build a headboard and frame for the mattress, switch out the roman shades with blinds and move the hope chest at the end of the bed in order to provide more space in the room.

Painted Doors

You may also remember that we applied a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of our home last Spring. Brett and I had a tough time agreeing on a color for the doors. I wanted to keep things neutral by painting them a deep green (almost black) while Brett wanted to paint them a burnt orange in order to give the house some “pop”. Who do you think won the argument?





I’m sure most of you guessed Brett since the title of this post is Orange Doors! If so, you were right…they definitely “pop”! I think Brett is still not sure about the color, but I’ve assured him that you can always paint on top of paint. I’m just super happy that my doors no longer look like Christmas morning. You may also notice that we added a new step near the front door. Brett has hopes to stain the cement step to match the future color of the garage floor.

You can’t really see the front door due to the screen door in the picture above. Since Brett wasn’t home during my lunch break yesterday, this was the best picture I could capture.


Before I sign off I wanted to share with you guys some recipes that I cooked this week.

Lately I have been obsessed with Ree Drummond of The Pioneer Woman. Not only do I love her TV show on the Food Network channel, but I’m also a huge fan of her blog. She doesn’t cook super healthy, but I try my best to alter her recipes in order to continue living a healthy lifestyle. Over the weekend I caught an episode where she prepared breakfast burrito kits for her husband and two boys, and another episode where she cooked a spaghetti sauce. When I went grocery shopping over the weekend I bought all the ingredients that I needed to make both of those dishes this week. I actually halved both of the recipes since my family only consist of two people as opposed to her six.

Breakfast Burritos

I cooked the breakfast burritos Monday night so that Brett and I could reheat them throughout the week for breakfast. I made a few changes by using turkey breakfast sausage and also omitted the addition of cheese to my burrito after assembling together.

Not only was this meal super healthy and delicious, but also filling enough to hold me over until lunch time.

Spaghetti Sauce

One of my favorite meals from my childhood is my Mom’s ground meat spaghetti. I think it holds a special place in my heart since it’s the first memory I can remember EVER. I remember smelling the aroma of the spaghetti in my crib when I was about two years old. My nose always sniffs a bit of nostalgia every time either my Mom or I cook this meal. It’s so comforting, and brings my heart back home.

I have to say that Ree’s spaghetti sauce definitely gave my Mom’s recipe a run for her money (sorry Mom, I still love your recipe too). Since Brett is not a fan of tomato based sauces, I rarely cook spaghetti or lasagna…not even healthier versions. Last night sure was a treat for me. To make the dish healthier I made zucchini noodles. I simple cut off the ends of a zucchini, then used a box cutter to grate the veggie.

After grating, I squeezed the shredded zucchini in a paper towel to take out most of the moisture. I then coated the noodles in olive oil, salt and pepper then cooked on the stove top for about five minutes until tender.

The zucchini was really a great substitute and much healthier too!

Do you like our new orange doors? We’d love to hear your feedback? Good or bad.
What was your favorite childhood meal?

Another favorite of mine was my Mom’s potato stew, and I can’t forget to mention my obsession with bagel bites and pizza pockets.


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