Our Flower Girl!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Last night was a very special night for my little family. We asked Brett’s Godchild and niece, Ava, to be our flower girl for our upcoming wedding!

I wanted our proposal to be extra special and fun, so loads of brainstorming was centered on this occasion. I actually came up with about five different ways to ask Ava, but ultimately decided to go with the story below in the end. Enjoy!

Ava spent the afternoon at our house yesterday. During her visit she assisted her Uncle Brett in the kitchen by preparing pork chops for dinner.


Once her Mom and Dad made it to our home that evening, we FaceTimed her Granny (Brett’s Mom) as well as Brett’s Uncle Chris.

Once everyone was ready, I pulled the box pictured below out of it’s hiding spot and presented it to Ava.


She was quick to open the gift, and at first seemed sort of upset to find only a balloon lying in the box. Once she realized that there was something inside of the balloon, she was smart to ask if it was filled with money. I thought her assumption was rather funny. I quickly distracted her by showing her the tag at the end of the balloon’s ribbon. It read, “Pop me”!


I carefully detached the safety pin attached to the note then held up the balloon for her to pop.

Side Note: Since the balloon had to fit into the box, we could only inflate the balloon to a certain size…which is why the balloon did not float.

Ava then bravely popped the balloon. As it popped, flower petals and a piece of ribbon fell out of the balloon. I raised the ribbon up to her and she read out loud, “Will you be our flower girl”?


Her reaction was priceless! She immediately said “I will”!


To see the full proposal, click here!

photo 5

I met Ava for the first time only a few days after her first birthday. I’ve pretty much been in love with her ever since that day. Some of my favorite past times spent with Ava have been watching Saturday morning cartoons, her company while applying my makeup, swimming and eating breakfast at Gran’s, putting together puzzles, completing homework, cooking, laughing, and my all time favorite…snuggling.  I cannot express how much joy it will bring to both Brett and I to have her sweet smile by our side on our big day. I cannot wait to officially call her my niece; however, I’m sure she’ll never call me anything but her “C”.

We love you Ava Grace!


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