Happy Birthday Dad!

Over the weekend we celebrated my Dad’s 57th birthday!


To the man I loved first, Happy Birthday Dad!

Before I get into the details of my parent’s visit, let me back up a bit.

I wanted to take a moment to tell you guys about last week. Unfortunately, I fell ill Wednesday evening which resulted to barely any gym sessions last week since I knew my body needed to be rested. I absolutely hated skipping, but in the end it was the right decision since pushing my body beyond my limits makes me feel even worse. My rule on this subject is truly simple: If my body is weak, I take the day off and get the rest I’m needing. If I’m just carrying a case of the sniffles or a small cough, I continue with my plan in the gym. Side note: If you do take a cold or any contagious sickness to the gym, please be sure to wipe down all gym equipment after usage with cleaning spray provided. Luckily I started to feel better towards the weekend, but I’m still stuck with an annoying cough. I’m hoping it subsides in a day or two.

Brett was off this weekend, so once we were up and ready Saturday morning we headed into town on a mission. We were on a hunt to find potential blinds for all the rooms throughout our house and a backsplash design for our kitchen. Since most specialty stores were closed on the weekend, we were only able to view these items at Home Deport and Lowes. We found a few possible backsplash ideas at Lowe’s; however, we’re not certain on the color.


We like the whiter tiles in the picture above, but we may not be able to make a decision on the backsplash until the cabinets are painted. We also found custom blinds that we liked at Home Depot, but I think we will need to see more options before getting a quote.

My parents made it into town just a few minutes after we returned home from our little adventure. That evening we attended mass together, then enjoyed dinner at Café Vermilionville. Brett and I  actually considered having our wedding reception at Café V, but after visiting the restaurant back in April we quickly realized that the venue was far too small. We then considered the restaurant as a possible venue for our rehearsal dinner since we absolutely loved the atmosphere. Since neither Brett nor I had ever dined at the restaurant, my parents decided to treat us to dinner at Café V Saturday evening.

Brett and I started the night off with each a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.


Wine is usually my alcoholic drink of choice, so I thought the wine was rich, nutty and full of flavor. Brett, on the other hand, did not care for the selection, and quickly switched to my Dad’s preferred drink…which was a Long Island Iced Tea. I had a sip of the LIIT, and I agree with my Dad when he said that it was the best one he’s ever had in his life.

We started by ordering the Café Sampler as an appetizer, which included crawfish beignets, bacon wrapped garlic shrimp, fried alligator tenderloin, fried pickle and grilled Cajun sausage. The crawfish beignets and the fried alligator tenderloin stood out the most to me.


I didn’t particular care for the grilled Cajun sausage, but that’s no surprise to me since sausage is not one of my favorite foods. In the end, the only remains on the plate were a few smears of the paired sauces.

The disappointment of the night in my opinion was my main dish. I decided to go with the Macadamia Crusted Scallops, which was served on top of Brussels sprout chips.


When I read the description I noticed that Brussels sprouts was included in the dish, but I had no idea that they’d lay the scallops on top of the one vegetable I cannot tolerate. I should have known better and asked them to take the Brussels spouts out of the dish completely for me.

My parents also offered me a taste of each of their steaks and although the flavoring was on point, I was a bit disappointed that both steaks were a bit cold. On a better note, Brett gave rave reviews on the Braised Pork Osso Bucco he ordered as his main entrée.


My spirits were definitely lifted once the White Chocolate Bread Pudding we ordered for dessert arrived to our table.


I am not even sort of lying to you guys when I say that we demolished both slices of bread pudding within one complete minute. It was truly heavenly.

Overall, I was truly happy with our visit, and have plans to return again with Brett since we want to try other items on the menu. We haven’t made a final decision on whether or not we’ll have the rehearsal dinner at Café V, but it still stands as a contender.

On Sunday morning we headed to T-Coon’s Restaurant for my Dad’s birthday breakfast. T-Coon’s is a local favorite, and the restaurant labels their food as Zydeco cooking since the term “Cajun” is often misused throughout the country. Every time I dine at T-Coon’s I feel like I’m transported to our old camp in Fourchon, LA. It’s definitely camp-style dining, and the breakfast is always fantastic.

My mouth was watering so bad as my plate arrived to the table that I totally forgot to snap a before picture.


I did manage to capture a picture of my meal before it was completely gone. That morning I enjoyed scrambled egg whites, bacon, smothered potatoes and a slice of homemade wheat toast.

After breakfast, we stopped by Fresh Pickens to pick up a few items for the house. I’d actually like to start doing my produce shopping at Fresh Pickens since they offer a full line of fresh produce and welcome walk-in wholesale customers. It’s my primary goal to start shopping completely local.

Once we got home, my best friend Kristin stopped by for a quick visit. She was able to enjoy a slice of the cake I made for my Dad’s birthday. I made one of his favorites (which is also one of my favorites), yellow cake with chocolate icing. Kristin has been knowing my family for years, so I was happy that she was able to visit not only with me but my parents as well. After she left, I watched the end of the New Orleans Saints season opener with my Dad. Unfortunately they lost in overtime, but I’m staying loyal to my home team by cheering them on for the rest of the season.

After my parents left, Brett and I got ready then headed out to dinner with a few of his co-workers. It was a great way to end a wonderful weekend.


A silly selfie we took before heading out the door!
We’re goofy sometimes!

Yesterday was another busy Monday in the office. Since Brett and I had to attend our second Natural Family Planning class as part of our marriage prep, I was not able to make it to the gym once again. I am beyond ready to get back to the gym today since I’ve been absent for an entire week. YIKES!

Hope you guys have a wonderful week ahead!

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