Very Eventful Weekend

First things first…I finally said yes to the dress!

I actually picked a dress that I had tried on previously, but had to sleep on the decision for more than one night to assure myself that this was “the dress”. Once I slipped into the dress again, I absolutely knew it was perfect for me. 

Mom and I after saying yes to my dress!

I don’t want to give away too many details since I want my dress to be a surprise…especially for Brett. So, I guess I have to leave you guys in the dark until after our wedding day…sorry! Shopping for clothes is not my favorite activity, so I was very happy to surpass this part of the planning.

Over the weekend we entertained a few of our friends from Brett’s hometown of Morgan City. We indulged in drinks and BBQ, and played many rounds of one of our favorite games, Heads Up! Brett and I love hosting parties at our home, especially when it involves some of our closest friends. Enjoy the pictures below!

Thanks for the memories guys. And a special thanks to Amanda, Brandon and Derek for cleaning the next morning. You guys are the best!

On Sunday afternoon we travelled to Baton Rouge to meet with our FOCCUS facilitators. In order to get married in the Catholic Church, Brett and I had to take a FOCCUS Inventory…basically a compatibility test. Overall, we scored a 92%! Whoop whoop! However, it was no surprise to either of us, since over the past five and half years we’ve covered most of the questions that were asked to us that day. I’m sure if we would have disagreed to many of the questions, we would no longer still be a couple. But, like most couples, we are not perfect and were thankful for our wonderful facilitators feedback as well as their hospitality! 

As for this week, I sure was glad to get back to healthier habits since I strayed away from healthier choices over the weekend. I cooked a cabbage casserole for Brett and I yesterday evening, and have intentions of cooking two paleo meals later this week. I’ll try to do some quick post in order to share the recipes with you guys then!

Have a great rest of the week!


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