A Few House Updates

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to start this post off by apologizing for the lack of weekend recaps. To be honest the last two weekends went undocumented and were pretty low key. This past weekend my Mom and I met up with a few of my bridesmaids in New Orleans, LA to partake in more wedding dress shopping. I found another contender, but still haven’t said yes to the dress. My bridesmaids tagged along to help get ideas for their dresses as well, but no luck in that department either. I’m starting to stress a bit about my dress since I’m being told that the dresses take six months to come in, then an additional two months for alterations. I’m taking one last shopping trip tomorrow, and I’m determined to finally make a decision. Wish me luck!

Now, let’s get down to business and talk about the subject of this post. Yes, we’ve done a bit of work to the house over the past few months, and also added a few décor items as well.


First on the list, was a major improvement to the house. The destruction of the pointless column between our kitchen and living area. This project started a few months back and was finally completed a few weeks ago. When I first walked into the house during our house-hunting phase, I remember loving everything about the living area except for the awkward separation near the kitchen.


Once we moved in, I sort of got used to this hideous separation since other projects were more important to me at the time. Brett on the other hand, wanted the column gone. We were not sure whether or not the wall was load bearing, so we discussed bricking the column to match our fireplace in the case that the post was needed to support the ceiling. After a detailed inspection in the attic by Brett and my Dad, they were able to report that we could indeed demolish the column.


After A LOT of messes in the kitchen due to demolition and repairs, I’m happy to show you guys the end result.


So much better, right? We have future plans to paint the cabinets, and install exposed shelving to replace the painting in the kitchen.

Décor Additions

Next on the list is the addition of furniture and artwork.

I actually ordered our new living room wing chair way back in January. Unfortunately, the chair kept getting placed on back order. I told Brett last month that if Pottery Barn called one more time to push the order back again, I was cancelling the order completely. As much as I love Pottery Barn, I was a bit upset with them for this delay. However, their customer service representatives were very apologetic, and kept me informed on my order at all times. I just wish they would have given me some sort of discount for waiting eight months for my order.



All in all, I’m very happy with the purchase!

I also ordered two frames to place on top of our buffet from PB as well. My co-worker Mike assisted me with the artwork that we placed within the frames. I decided to showcase the bridge that resides in my hometown of Cut Off, LA as well as the bridges that reside in Brett’s hometown of Morgan City, LA.


We antiqued the photos by using a sepia tone in order for them to match the French Chic tone that accents our home.


I absolutely love this added touch to our home since it symbolizes where Brett and I originated.

I know that I promised you guys an update on the curtains once we were finished installing, but they were a little too lengthy for our wall. My mom will need to hem them, but once they are finished I promise to share the before and after pictures.

As I look back at pictures from when we first moved into the house, I’m absolutely floored by the improvements Brett and my Dad have made in just a little over two years. I cannot thank them enough for all the many hours of labor spent making our home look truly beautiful. Now, on to the next project…

What sort of home improvements are you engaged in at the moment?

It seems as though we are always adding on to our to-do list in order to better our home. A few projects Brett and I discussed completing before our wedding are to paint the kitchen cabinets, add exposed shelving to the kitchen, re-do pantry doors in utility room, and add new blinds to all windows in the house. Phew, we better get to work!

Have a great weekend!


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