New Bikes!

Good Afternoon Guys!

Just wanted to squeeze a real quick post in to tell you guys about the new Cycling bikes at my gym. I noticed over the past few weeks that the gym had upgraded, but I hadn’t tried out the new bikes until today. I actually hadn’t attended a Cycling class in quite sometime, and really wasn’t super interested in the bikes until yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon I took a Circuit Training class. During the class our instructor explained that our club was the first in the COUNTRY to purchase the new bikes. That statement not only made me feel amazing for being part of such an awesome fitness club, but also very intrigued to check out the bikes right away.


So, this morning I took a 6 am spin class (woo hoo, for me making it to the gym in the AM), and I’m happy to report that I was super impressed with the capabilities of the new bikes. The class was 40 minutes, but if you check out my workout summary below you’ll notice that I actually only pedaled for 32 minutes. This was because our class was given a detailed tutorial on the new bikes before the workout began.


The bikes track your RPM, distance, calories, MPH, etc. Those tools were great, but my absolute favorite concept of the bike is that it truly forced you to get an incredible workout. Only if you are willing to perform correctly and push through like a champion though.

You will notice that the screen includes a white light at the top of the device. This light changes depending on how much power you are producing throughout the class. If you’ve taken a spin class before, you’ve probably had the instructor ask you to set your bikes to 50% intensity, 60%, 80%, counter balance, etc. I must tell you that the new bikes used a completely different system, but it wasn’t rocket science to figure out. Anyway, our instructor this morning asked us to find a certain RPM (pedal revolutions per minute) while also determining the correct amount of power for the light to produce a certain color. White = Really Light, Blue = Light, Green = Moderate, Yellow = Hard, Red = Maximum Intensity.

So, this morning when the instructor asked us to find 67 RPM at Green and my light was actually Yellow…this meant that I was producing too much power because I was bouncing on my machine. In order to get myself back to Green I had to steady myself, which meant tightening my core and butt cheeks. All of this was so new to me, and I quickly realized that in the past I wasn’t getting the workout I deserved with the old bikes.


As you can tell from the picture above, my average RPM was only decent. But, I think it’s only because I was trying to get familiar with the new system. Above all, I’m so thrilled for my gym’s new purchase since ultimately it will be rewarding to know that I’ll be getting an insane workout in future spin classes. I cannot even imagine what the advanced mode is like since I completed my workout in the standard mode this morning. Hopefully I’ll be able to challenge myself on that level soon enough. This morning’s class surely was a great way to start my weekend!

What gym class challenges you the most?

I would definitely say that Circuit Training challenges me the most depending on which instructor is teaching the class; however, after today’s Cycling class, I may have a new winner.


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