5 Ways to Stay Active in the Office

I often catch myself getting angry with Brett since his workout regimen isn’t as consistent as my own. When he responds by telling me that he gets most of his cardio done while at work, I often get defensive quickly and explain that it’s just not the same.

brettinerSo, is it the same?

Technically, since Brett rarely sits down during his 12 hour shift and is constantly walking, it’s definitely better than no exercise at all. However, the more you get and the more vigorous your workout, the better.

I honestly wish that I could make it to the gym at least six days out of the week, but sometimes skipping is necessary. Especially if I had a super, long, hard-working day at the office. A glass of wine usually sounds so much better than a sweat session. When I only make it to the gym two or three times a week, I usually get quite discouraged. Brett is pretty good at lifting my spirits by reminding me that I’m a consistent, active person, and just because my workouts were minimal that certain week doesn’t mean that I’ll fall out of shape suddenly.

With that being said, you don’t have to be an excessive, compulsive gym rat in order to live your life actively.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have professions like Brett that allow us to be on the move for almost the entire day. So, how can we stay active during the work week when most of our time is spent behind the computer screen? Today I will share with you a few examples of how I stay active in the office throughout the work week, especially if a trip to the gym that day is not on the agenda.

  1. Drink your water people – I like to stick to the rule of drinking half of your weight in ounces daily. For example: I weigh 140 pounds, so I try to drink at least 70 ounces of water a day. Go ahead and Google the benefits of drinking water…you will be amazed. I cannot stress enough about the importance of staying hydrated. By drinking water throughout the day, you’ll be getting up from your desk to refill your tumbler multiple times. If you’re drinking the correct amount, you’ll also be stepping away from your desk again in order to visit the restroom quite frequently.
  2. Visit with your co-workers – Luckily I have friendly co-workers, so stepping away from my desk to discuss something with them face-to-face is easy. Sure, it would probably be easier to send them an email, call them or text them, but this allows me to get up and move once again.
  3. Walk during your breaks – My employer allows us a 15 minute break in the morning and afternoon. I almost always use this time to Walk with Maggie, unless I have an important meeting during that specified time. If you stay at work during your lunch break, this could also be a great advantage to walk either before or after eating. According to the American Heart Association, “Walking at least 30 minutes a day can help you reduce the risk of coronary disease, improve blood pressure, lower the risk of obesity, and enhance mental well being”.
  4. Take the stairs – Stop being lazy and take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  5. Stand up – I try my best to stand up during long phone calls. By doing this I’m burning more calories and getting better blood flow.

Some other neat ideas:

  • Use a balance ball as your chair– I’m actually considering this, but I know it will cause most of my co-workers to think I’m nuts. The balance ball forces you to engage your core while also improving spinal alignment. Maybe instead, I could purchase a chair like the one pictured below.
  • Encourage walking meetings – I think this is a super neat idea, especially if you’re meeting with only one or two people.
  • Park car further away from the office – Our parking spots are assigned at work, so I can’t commit to this one unfortunately. However, my current spot is about 250-300 meters from my desk, which is a pretty decent walk.
  • Take a longer roundabout way to your desk – This is a good concept, but don’t wonder off for too long since you are on the time clock.

So, tell me, how do you stay active throughout the day?

Other ways I stay active:
I almost always cook a meal for dinner every night of the work week which requires me to stand for at least 20-30 minutes. I also do not sit on the couch until after I’ve taken a shower, and limit television viewing to no more than an hour a night (unless we’re watching a movie). When I clean the house on the weekends, I try to do all of my chores as fast as I can to therefore elevate my heart rate.  And one of Brett and I’s favorite weekend activities is flea market shopping, which requires a lot of walking and standing. Ultimately, all of these activities keeps me moving and grooving! 



4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Stay Active in the Office

  1. Jamie noto

    I have always drank water but lately I’m kicking it up a few notches! Luckily I love water! Since I work retail at our family business I find myself walking the perimeter of the store at different times when we are not busy! I just hate to sit and do nothing! Thank you for your motivation!


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