Treasure Chest DIY

Hello everyone! Brett here.

Today I’ll be walking you through the refinishing of one of my most prized pieces. I found this chest of drawers at the Pinhook Flea Market. I paid $225 for this piece and considered it’s condition “fair”. Although it seemed a bit over priced for a beat up dresser, its craftmanship was flawless. This was one of those pieces that as soon as I saw it, I knew I couldn’t leave without it.


DSC03284The dresser had obvious areas of wear and aging. In the picture below, you can see the crack in the veneer of the drawer…nothing a little stainable wood filler couldn’t fix.


 As always, the first step is to remove the drawers and hardware from the piece.



I decided to keep the original hardware. A little oil and a soft toothbrush really livened these handles up!


Once everything was removed, I applied stripper to all previously finished services. I used a 3M stripper pad to remove the original layers of polyurethane and stain.


Here’s a view of the dresser after stripping and light, hand sanding.


I decided to stain the inside of all the drawers to give the piece a finished, uniform look. A little extra time and effort really added extra richness to the wood.





I then rubbed the piece with MinWax Dark Walnut stain as directed. The wood stained a reddish walnut due to the fact that I did not heavily sand the piece, so some previous stain was still in the wood. I expected this and loved the color that I achieved. 


After staining, I applied two coats of MinWax Paste Wax to give the wood a beautiful luster and protective coating. I buffed the entire piece to a semi-gloss shine using a microfiber towel and lots of “elbow grease”.


I then replaced the polished hardware and called this project complete!








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