Wedding Dress Shopping

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to start this post off by apologizing for the lack of frequent post over the past two weeks. Brett and I played host to his parents last week in our home, and as expected life sort of got in the way…in a good way of course. I love blogging, but my family life does come first…100%! I’m also quite upset with myself for sort of abandoning the DIY side of the blog, but rest assure I’m hoping to convince Brett to dedicate some time to a post later this week.

Just a quick update on the weekend. As you know, I’ve pretty much knocked out all of my big to-do’s for Brett and I’s upcoming wedding, but one thing I’ve yet to decide on is a wedding dress. I actually hadn’t even looked for a dress until this past Saturday.

I decided to ask only my Mom to join me as I wanted this to be an extra special moment for the both of us. She drove in Friday night, and upon her arrival she presented her own wedding dress to me. I absolutely adored her dress as a child, so I couldn’t wait to slip on the gown. Fun Fact: My Mom purchased her gown for only $5. Crazy, right?


My brother and I playing with Mom’s dress in 1989.


Description on the back of the photo.

I’m very much like my Mom since she too also wrote journal entries when she was younger. Also, almost all of our old photos contain a description on the back of what was going on in the picture captured. image2

Her dress fit me perfectly, except for the sleeves which were a bit big near my forearms and wrist. My Mom joked that we could save tons of money if I were to wear her dress down the aisle. These pictures will have to suffice since I really had my heart set on something more up-to-date in the fashion world.

Unfortunately, I did not say yes to the dress on Saturday, and to be honest I wasn’t surprised one bit since I take forever to commit to anything. I mean, it took me over two years to purchase curtains for my master bedroom. I’m hoping after browsing through one or two more shops that I’ll be able to make a decision.


I received this sweet note in the mail from Kelsey, my personal helper this past Saturday at the bridal boutique. Kelsey was quite new, but she was super sweet and totally understood all of my picky request.

Before I sign off, I wanted to share some pictures of a yummy meal I prepared last night using The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Chicken Enchiladas. I was intrigued by this recipe since it called for a green enchilada sauce as opposed to a red enchilada sauce.


Delicious! We topped our enchiladas with sour cream, guacamole and tomatoes. I usually swap plain greek yogurt for the sour cream, but I didn’t have any in the fridge last night. Oh well, you only live once right?

Have a great rest of the week!


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