“Down the Bayou” Weekend Recap

Good Evening Guys!

Hope your week is moving along nicely!

This past weekend Brett and I travelled to my hometown of Cut Off, LA or as most natives refer to the town, “Down the Bayou”…or if you want to use abbreviations, “DTB”.


We arrived to my brother’s house a little after lunch on Friday (I had took off Friday in order to not rush our visit). Once we had settled in, my brother took me, Brett and my Dad crabbing that afternoon.


As you guys know crabs are by far my favorite form of seafood, so I was pretty excited about catching those little critters. That afternoon we crabbed with basket nets out of my brother’s boat for about three-four hours. We were trying to catch enough in order to have a crab boil for the family that night.


As we were approaching the end of our trip, we realized that we wouldn’t have quite enough to feed everyone. So, we called my Mom to pick up a few more dozen from any vendor she could find on the side of the road. She was successful!

That night my Grandpa and his wife, my brother’s wife Alisha, my Mom and my Aunt Laura joined us for the feast.


My Paw Paw Lou

Oh, and let me not forget my dog nephew, Bruce Wayne! Bruce is by far the coolest dog on the planet…he’s full of energy and love! He licked Brett for almost five minutes straight when we returned with salty skin from our boat ride. I wish you guys could have witnessed that moment since Brett and I laughed until I bellies hurt while he licked away.




The crabs were delicious, and I also especially loved the boiled mushrooms and cocktail wieners. The food was great, but what really makes a crab boil is sharing the activity with the ones you love most.


The next day we woke up at 5:30 am to head out on the boat again for a fishing trip. It’s crazy that it’s super easy to wake up at the crack of dawn for a fishing trip, yet it takes all of my energy and motivation to wake up for a morning work out during the week.

Maybe it’s the “Cajun girl” in me, but there is just something about watching the sun come up as you’re riding in the boat to your first fishing spot. The material things in life seem to disappear, and a sense of peace overcomes me that is quite honestly hard to describe. It’s a moment that allows me to be thankful for the gifts I’ve been given, and a communication with God is always present.

I’m happy to say that I did make the first catch; however, the red fish I caught was far too little to claim. I actually didn’t have a very successful day of fishing what-so-ever. I used my Mom’s fishing line that hadn’t been used in quite a few years, and we all came to an agreement that the fishing string had dry rotted. I actually hooked a huge drum, but the string snapped as I was reeling the big boy into the boat. The string snapped to where the cork was left with the fish, so we were actually able to hunt down the fish afterwards. My brother was able to grab the fish, but it slipped out of his hand before we could capture him in the net. We thought for sure that we’d catch him again on the third try, but when my brother went to grab the cork the string snapped once again.


Although I was a bit sad that I didn’t bring anything home, I was excited for the rest of the fisherman that were successful that day. My Dad caught a nice red fish and drum, my brother caught a nice trout and red fish, and Brett caught a nice drum.


Once we got back, we showered then met my parents for dinner later that evening. After dinner we headed to Brett’s hometown of Morgan City. We were completely worn out from being out in the sun for two days straight plus lack of sleep, so we went to bed pretty early Saturday night.


The next day we celebrated Brett’s parent’s 40th wedding anniversary with coffee and cake. Amazing, right?….40 years! Brett and I hope to follow behind their footsteps as we approach a pretty amazing day ourselves. Congrats again to the happy couple!


My parents also stopped by to join in on the celebration. It was really nice having both of our families together under one roof. We enjoyed catching up, and was also able to look through Mr. Mike and Mrs. Tessie’s wedding album.


Thanks again to my brother and Brett’s parents for their hospitality over this past weekend. We love all of you guys very much, and hope to see all of you very soon again!



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