A Weekend in NOLA!

Greetings Everyone!

As always, I hope your weekend was delightful!

This Saturday I headed down to New Orleans for my best friend, Amy’s 30th birthday celebration. I was super bummed that Brett couldn’t join us for the fun since he had to work, but for the most part I had an absolute blast with some pretty amazing people.

The Roosevelt Hotel did a great job of housing us for the night. The staff was friendly, the décor was beautiful, but most importantly the beds were insanely comfortable.


After checking in, we met up for lunch/dinner at Domenica. Now it may seem bias of me since I’m from Louisiana, but New Orleans has some of the best cuisines to try out on this planet…and I’m not just talking about Cajun cuisine. I literally felt like I was back in Italy Saturday afternoon as I sipped on red wine and ate decadent pizzas. My favorites being the Wild Mushroom pizza, which was dressed with fontina, bacon and yard egg; and the Roasted Carrot pizza, which was dressed with beets and goat cheese. As you can tell, I did not take any pictures, but I can assure you that everything looked as wonderful as it sounds.

After we finished eating, we headed to Fulton Alley for a few games of bowling. If you scroll down below you will notice that this place was not your average bowling alley. On top of the top notch design features, we also had our own waitress.




I had not bowled in quite a while, so I was a bit surprised that I finished with a 130 and almost conquered a TURKEY! I cannot wait to return to Fulton Alley in the future.


We played for an hour and half then headed back to the hotel to change and freshen up. Upon our return to the hotel, a few of us ran into Chris Pratt in the lobby. My second celebrity run-into this year! I really regret not taking a picture with him, but I felt as though he was being bombarded by other guest staying at the hotel.

But, I DID take lots of pictures with my friends that night!


My future MOH and me!

Later that evening we headed out to Jax Brewery for drinks and a bit of booty shaking on the dance floor.




Me and the birthday girl!

As it passed midnight, we headed down to Bourbon Street. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Bourbon Street because it’s usually always crowded and quite dirty. However, there are two bars that I love on Bourbon, and we ventured out to both of them that night. Karaoke at the Cat’s Meow and The Piano Bar at Pat O’Brian’s are two things you must do if you ever find yourself on Bourbon Street.



Somehow we managed to get front row seats at Pat O’Brian’s that night, which is usually impossible. We had so much fun requesting songs and singing along as well. We ended up staying out until about 3:00 or 3:30 am. All I know is that the clock read close to 4:00 am as I was shutting my eyes that night. I guess that’s a true sign that I had a complete blast with my best friends!

The next morning I woke up to my phone blowing up with text messages at 10 am. Everyone else seemed to be up and ready for breakfast.

Once everyone was ready, we headed out to Something Else Cafe for breakfast. My best friend’s (Kristin) sister-n-law’s boyfriend owns the restaurant, and I totally recommend it to both tourist and locals. The pricing is easy on your wallet, but the quality does not disappoint either.

The views from the outside courtyard dining area are just stunning. I’ve always been a fan of the architecture and style of New Orleans!


After consuming my breakfast pictured above, we headed back to the hotel, checked out and parted ways. Thanks again to Amy for putting together such a fun-filled weekend. I hope that this can become an annual trip just like we mentioned in our text messages following the trip.

And this last part of the post is sort of off subject but I received my new running shoes over the weekend as well. It was a late birthday present from Brett. I actually wore them for the first time tonight during a Circuit Training class. They are Mizuno Wave Riders, and they are AWESOME! Thanks again B!


Have a great rest of the evening!





3 thoughts on “A Weekend in NOLA!

  1. Jamie Noto

    Hi Celina! your weekend in NOLA sounds like so much fun! My husband Marcus and I spent our anniversary there last August. Being the bowlers we are I wish we had known about the Fulton Lanes! Guess we will have to go back! Glad you had fun!


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