Let’s Wrap it Up

Good evening guys!

I hope your Monday was not too brutal and that you had a fantastic weekend!

As you can see from the title of my post, I have been eating wraps quite frequently this past week. Nine times out of ten, I can promise you that I’ll order a wrap instead of a salad or a sandwich. I rather them over salads because I don’t have to stab anything with a fork. I mean seriously salads, you’re so hard to eat sometimes. It usually takes me about three of four stabs to get a little bit of everything in a salad onto my fork. It’s just too much work quite frankly. And unlike a wrap, sandwiches are open on all four sides, which makes them more difficult to maneuver without losing some of the fillings. Everything stays nicely rolled up within a wrap (if it’s not overstuffed), it’s lower in calories and in most instances can be eaten with one hand.

My first wrap of the week was Lettuce Wraps. If you’ve ever had them at P.F. Chang’s, then you must make these at home. I also think this recipe is a bit healthier than the restaurant version.


I served the wraps with a vegetable stir fry. Everything was delicious and even got two thumbs up from the mister.


This past Friday I met up with Julie for a lunch date. Julie is the Public Relations Director for a local advertising agency that my company utilizes fairly often. Julie basically rounds up the press for our company events, writes our press releases and introduces our company to new opportunities in the news as they come to her. I love working with Julie since she is pretty fantastic at her job, and her bubbly personality is quite contagious.

That afternoon we dined at Village Café, which is a local restaurant located in River Ranch. River Ranch is a small village that consists of retail, dining and professional services all within walking distance to each other. When I looked over the lunch menu my eyes were drawn to the Mandarin Tuna Wrap. Within the wrap was mixed greens, shredded cabbage, mandarin oranges, red onions, sweet and spicy pecans, and sesame dressing in a garlic and herb tortilla. My favorite part of the wrap was definitely the pecans since they added the perfect texture to this meal.


I also ordered a cup of tomato basil soup as a starter, which was on point as well.


Saturday morning I took a Body Pump class at the gym. I was quite excited that I made the class since I haven’t been participating in Body Pump as much as I have in the past. Since my morning workouts do not even exist anymore (I know…horrible), I have been unable to take the class on Monday and Friday mornings. The class is also offered at the same time as my beloved Circuit Training Class on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, so I never make it during that time frame either. I believe there is a later evening class offered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s, but that time slot doesn’t work with my schedule unfortunately. Anyway, Saturday morning’s class was intense, and I definitely woke up with some major back soreness yesterday.

After the class finished, I decided to order breakfast at the gym’s cafe. Since it was 10 am I decided to get a larger breakfast in order to carry me through lunch. The whole wheat pancake I ordered was gigantic. It was so large that a fellow gym member stopped by my table to ask me if my humungus pancake was any good. I politely answered that is was pretty darn tasty, but to be honest the eggs stole the show for me. I ate all of the eggs and toast, but only about half of my pancake. I hated to waste the remains, but my stomach just didn’t have enough room left that morning.


After leaving mass Sunday morning, I headed to a local grocery store to pick up a turkey and cheese sandwich wrap. I ate one of the wraps pictured below and placed the other one in the fridge for another time. I also dipped some pita chips into a hummus that I purchased from Fresh Market the day before.


The rest of Sunday was spent soaking up the sun. I headed over to one of Brett’s female co-worker’s house to enjoy an afternoon of lounging around the pool with a few girls. When I returned home, I mingled with some of my neighbors for about an hour. That night Brett and I were invited to watch the UL (University of Louisiana at Lafayette) baseball game at a neighbor’s house. Unfortunately our Rajun Cajuns were defeated; however, there is still one game left of the series which begins at 6 pm tonight.


I’m seriously hoping to give the blog a whole lot of love this week, so stay tuned for more post!



3 thoughts on “Let’s Wrap it Up

  1. Grace

    I love making wraps for lunch! When I’m really motivated on Sundays, I’ll prepare little bags with the filling for a wrap minus any sauce or the wrap. Then, each day for lunch, I either dump the contents on lettuce for salad or put them in a wrap (I make Asian ones, Greek ones, Turkey/cheese ones, etc.). Unable to shake my nerd nature, I calculated the calories for each wrap, and if I put dressing, then I eat it as a salad, and, if I eat it as a wrap, then I skip the dressing to make up for the calories in the wrap.


  2. My Cajun Trinity Post author

    Smart, I try not to place a dressing on my wraps, but if I do I try to choose vinaigrette or olive oil based dressings. I’m thinking of going pick up another wrap for lunch today since the weather is horrible. I normally go home for lunch, but the thought of driving too far in this monsoon is a little discouraging. Have a great week Grace!


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