Bay St. Louis

Good Afternoon!

Before I jump into our fabulous weekend away, I first want to give all of you a heads up that this will probably be my only post this week. Unfortunately, our internet will not connect at home, and our internet service provider cannot get a tech to our house until this coming Friday. So, I’ve been piecing this post together at work over the past few days during breaks, which also means that it will be brief. Again, I’m sorry, but this was the best that I could do under the circumstances.

Now, on to the fun stuff! I cannot tell you guys enough of how much of a blast we had this past weekend. Despite the scattered thunderstorms, we made the best of our time with some of our best friends.

Our extended weekend actually began in Maurice, LA at a skeet shoot that Brett participated in Friday morning. The skeet shoot was to raise money for a local organization, Oilfield Helping Hands. One of the vendors I use for work actually sits on the board for Oilfield Helping Hands, and she asked me a few weeks ago if Brett would be interested in shooting for their team.  I pretty much accepted on Brett’s behalf without asking him since I knew he would never deny the chance to shoot a gun…especially since it was for a great cause.



Brett did indeed enjoy the shoot so much and did fairly well if I do say so myself. A few oil-related companies were out there cooking, so after the shoot Brett and I grabbed a bit to eat then headed back home to pack for our trip.

It took us a little over three hours to get from Lafayette to Bay St. Louis on Friday. When we made it to the camp, I was greeted with hugs from my best friends. Kristin also presented me a gift, which was the wine sippy cup pictured below. This gift proved to be very useful throughout the trip.


After we caught up with one another, we all jumped into the party barge and went for a sunset cruise.


image (1)


Me and my fiancé!

I wish seriously that I could enjoy a boat ride every Friday evening. I absolutely love being outside, especially as the sun is setting against the beautiful, bayou scenery.


After the boat ride, we returned to the camp to eat and indulge in a few more adult beverages.

The next morning, we each woke up one by one and enjoyed a cup of coffee on the porch. Amy’s husband Matt also cooked us breakfast which consisted of peppered bacon, biscuits and eggs. Truth be told, we were all a bit upset that the radar was showing a pretty good chance of rain for the majority of the day. However, we all sucked it up and decided that we were going to enjoy our time together regardless.

So, we headed out on the boat only to quickly return back to the camp due to a downpour.

We then decided to change and head out to a local bar, The Blind Tiger,  which was located along the beach. We ordered a few appetizers…


…and shots!


Brett also ordered the restaurant’s signature drink, The Bushwacker. The guy in the yellow shirt in the picture below just kills me. LOL


The weather started to clear up a bit, so we headed back to the camp for another boat ride. The skies were clear for a few hours, so we decided to have some fun in the water…FINALLY!

Of course the boys were the first ones to jump into the canal!


Then Kristin and I joined as well. Initially, it was a tad bit cold, but once we swam around for a while, the water temperature was perfect.


We jumped off the deck a handful of times, then went tubing along the canals until the sun was about to set.


That night we enjoyed BBQ burgers and soaked up each others company as much as possible since we all knew our trip was nearing the end.

Thanks so much again to Amy, Matt and Amy’s parents for inviting us to their camp once again. We are hoping that this may become an annual trip! We love all of you guys!

So, there you guys have it…our trip in a nutshell!

Have a great rest of the week, and I’ll be back to post again as soon as my internet connection issues are resolved!


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