Morgan City Weekend Recap

Hey Guys!

Hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday!

I know I’m a bit late with my weekend recap, but due to a restless night of sleep Sunday night and a brutal cycling class yesterday afternoon, I was extremely tired. Brett and I also watched the finals of The Voice last night, so I was a bit preoccupied. We’re hopping Josh Kaufman is named The Voice tonight as we are currently watching the finale! This guy should really be recording albums already. My favorite performance so far is when he sang, I Can’t Make You Love Me.

Brett and I drove out to Henderson, LA this past Friday evening for another taste-testing. The caterer was preparing for a graduation party at the Atchafalya Club near Pat’s of Henderson, so he invited us an hour before the party started to come try out his spread of food for that night. Pat’s of Henderson is located right along a bayou so we were able to walk along the deck and admire the beautiful Louisiana scenery before our appointment.


Although we enjoyed our last taste-testing very much, this caterer was geared more towards our style. We felt like everything we tried at our last taste-testing was dipped in grease, so we were much happier with the fresher ingredients and multitude of options that we tried Friday evening. I’m actually meeting with this caterer again tomorrow evening to finalize the head count and place the deposit down.

The next day, Brett and I got dressed and headed to his hometown for a visit with family and friends. After telling his parents hello and goodbye since they were heading out for a graduation party, we headed out as well to catch up with some of our very close friends. That night we enjoyed some quality time with Ben and his girlfriend Katie, as well as Tyler (Twinky), his wife Hope, and their daughter Ellie.


Isn’t Ellie adorable? Everyone teased me a bit that night since I don’t really have the motherly instinct just yet. I have to admit, I always feel painfully awkward holding a baby, and feel like he or she may flop out of my hands at any given moment. Hopefully, I’ll learn soon. If not, Brett will be a wonderful teacher since he loves taking care of little ones in the ER.


Shay, I love her big, beautiful, blue eyes! She’s definitely full of sugar, and honestly one of the happiest babies I’ve ever met.


Ben, Tyler and Brett with Miss Ellie! We had such a fun time catching up with everyone, and I’m hoping that we won’t have to wait so long for the next visit.

The next day, I headed to Brett’s cousin Amanda’s wedding shower in the afternoon. Amanda’s family and bridesmaids did a wonderful job coordinating her special day. Brett’s Uncle Chris made the adorable center pieces below, and I also overheard that Amanda’s Dad, Uncle Tralles, glittered all the high heels that served as the vase for all of the arrangements. What a super Dad, right? The food was great, but I mostly enjoyed catching up with all of Brett’s relatives. Amanda sure is one lucky girl since it was quite obvious that so many people love her and are extremely excited for her upcoming wedding…me included!


As Amanda was opening my gift, the timer buzzed, which meant that I got a prize. I was quite excited since I never win anything. A coffee mug lied beneath the fun wrapping. This gift had perfect timing since my Dad just broke another one of my coffee mugs at the house. I forgive you Dad!


Once the shower concluded, Brett and I headed back to Lafayette. He cut the grass while I ironed all my clothes for the week. We ended the weekend with a movie night. We finally watched the second Hunger Games, which we both enjoyed very much.

Today my Dad made it back into Lafayette. If you’ve been reading my post lately, my parents have been visiting quite frequently since my Dad and Brett have been making repairs and painting the outside of our home. They are about two-thirds finished with the entire project, so we’re thinking they’ll wrap up everything “hopefully” this week.

After work, I headed to the gym for a Circuit Training class, and came home and cooked Hamburger Steaks with Sweet Potato Fries.


I consider Hamburger Steaks one of my staple recipes and it can be found in the recipe binder that my Mom gave me for Christmas this past year. See below.


Of course I used a lean ground meat and lower sodium gravy packet.

After we cleared our plates, we dived into our first cake-tasting experience. I actually picked up these samples today before lunch. Our favorite flavors were the following: cream cheese, ambrosia and white icing.


I have one other baker that I’ll be trying out next week, then it will be decision making time.

Brett keeps telling me that he really wants to do another DIY post soon, so please stay-tuned to the blog this week.

Have a nice rest of the evening!


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