Chocolate Date Bites

Good Evening Guys!

Just wanted to share a real short blog post with you guys tonight.

When I got home from a very rough workout at the gym yesterday I decided to put together a snack that I could enjoy throughout the week. I had quite a bit of dates leftover from when I had made my Tropical Fruit Bars, so I decided to use them in another recipe before they reached their expiration. I had came across another recipe that called for dates a while back, so I figured I give it a try since I liked the Tropical Fruit Bars so much.

Date Balls

Chocolate Date Bites
One cup of walnuts
One cup of pecans
One cup of dates (pits removed)
Four tablespoons of chocolate cocoa

Place the walnuts and pecans into food processor and process until fine. Then place dates and chocolate cocoa to the mixture and process until dough forms. Form individual balls out of the dough. Either eat right away or place in fridge to enjoy later.

The bites remind me a lot of the Chocolate Brownie Clif Bar. They are also filled with nutrients, which is exactly the sort of snack I love in order to get me through the day.



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