First Swim of the Year

Good evening guys!

I hope your weekend was super fun. My weekend was extremely productive while also being somewhat enjoyable. I say somewhat because Brett worked ALL weekend. And, I also felt like I had so many errands building up lately, so I dedicated this weekend to crossing off many of my to-do’s. Yes Dad, I did the title transfer for my car and yes, I got an oil change. : ) I also completed a craft project that I plan to share with you guys soon.

After getting my oil changed Friday afternoon, I headed home and got ready for the best part of my weekend, which was drinks and dinner with my best friend Kristin and her husband Jack. Brett met us once he was off from work. We enjoyed catching up, and also talked about the progress with my wedding plans. All four of us also enjoyed discussing a trip we are all taking at the end of May. We’ll be spending a weekend at another one of my best friend’s parent’s camp in Mississippi. We took the same trip last year and had an absolute blast. Unfortunately, I was lost in conversation Friday night and took zero pictures. But, please enjoy the pictures below from our trip at the camp last year. I cannot wait for another super, relaxing, lazy weekend filled with absolutely no worries, and shared with some of my favorite people!


This weekend was also dedicated to getting my butt to the gym. Since I only got to the gym twice last week (I know, TWICE), I wanted to get at least two sweat sessions in this weekend. Since it’s finally warm enough in south Louisiana, I decided to swim laps Saturday afternoon.


See swim workout below:

Warm Up
(Repeat Twice)
1 x 50m Freestyle Swim
1 x 50m Breaststroke Swim

Build Up
2 x 50m Freestyle Swim
2 x 50m Backstroke Swim
2 x 50m Backstroke Kick
Kick on your back with arms held loosely by your side.

1 x 100m Freestyle Swim
2 x 50m Breaststroke Swim
1 x 100m Freestyle Swim
2 x 50m Breaststroke Swim
1 x 100m Freestyle Swim

Warm Down
1 x 50m Freestyle Swim
Slow, relaxed pace. Concentrate on long slow strokes.

I did an easier swim workout than normal since it was my first swim of the year. Typically I swim somewhere between 1500m – 2000m. All together, this workout was only 1050m. I have to admit, I’m way out of swimmer’s shape. I was actually supposed to do 2 x 100m backstroke as my warm down, but opted for 1 x 50m Freestyle instead. I was super pooped by the end of the workout, and my arms were killing me.

When I was living in Baton Rouge, I swam at least three to four times a week. Once I moved to Lafayette, I quickly learned that only three local gyms had pools associated with their facility. Once I had a solid budget figured out, I finally joined my current gym at the end of last summer. Since getting into the pool during the winter months is horrific, I typically do most of my swimming workouts in the outside pool during the summer. Swimming is honestly my favorite way to exercise and super easy on my joints. I’m looking forward to many dips in the pool this summer.

On Sunday, I headed to mass then hit up the gym afterwards. I completed this workout, and left the gym quite sweaty and sore.

The rest of my weekend consisted of a bit of shopping and normal weekend rituals (ironed clothes, cleaned car, straightened up house, etc.).

Today was another incredibly busy day at work. I’ve been preparing for the Offshore Technology Conference that will be held in Houston, TX next week. Since the show is less than a week away, you could about imagine my stress level. I definitely would have liked to switch sceneries with Brett today. He sent me the following two pictures this morning from his day of crabbing.


pool3This trip was well deserved since he had to work the entire weekend. I’m very excited since he was able to take a few dozen home. We’ll hopefully boil them tomorrow night, since we already have dinner plans with another couple tonight.

One last thing…we’re hoping to do a DIY post this week! So please stay tuned and have a wonderful week ahead!



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