Happy Easter!

Good Afternoon Guys!

I know I’m a day late but technically I celebrate Easter for the next fifty days, so I don’t feel too, too bad about sending my well wishes to you and your family a little late. Easter is the beginning of a new season of grace and a time of joy and thanksgiving. So, the celebration of Easter actually ends on Pentecost Sunday for the Catholic religion, which is fifty days after Easter.

Below are a few photos from yesterday’s festivities. Since Brett had to work Easter Sunday, I travelled to both of our hometowns to visit with our families.

easter 3

After attending Easter Sunday mass, my Dad’s side of the family enjoyed a BBQ for lunch under my Paw Paw’s carport. It was a lovely day spent with some of my favorite people.


My Aunt Amy (Dad’s sister), Paw Paw Lou (Dad’s dad) and my Daddy enjoying their afternoon.


Me with my cousin Karen and her daughter Abby. Thanks again to my cousin Karen and her family for the hospitality Saturday night. Since my parents no longer live back home in Cut Off, I typically spend the night at a relative’s house each time I return home. Karen and I enjoyed catching up, and especially enjoyed talking about my upcoming wedding plans.

And speaking of planning, tonight Brett and I get to attend our first taste testing for a potential caterer.

Wish us luck!

What was your favorite part of your Easter celebration?

Mine was definitely being able to share the day with family. I don’t get to see my family fairly often since we live so far apart. It’s always so wonderful to catch up with everyone and also recollect memories of past times together. Although I only took pictures visiting with my Dad’s side of the family, I was also able to visit with some of Brett’s family on Saturday and my Mom’s side of the family later Sunday evening.

Have a great week!



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